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Sex Toys In India - The demand for artificial adult toys seems to be on the rise as per the current scenario. Both men and women have shown deep interest towards using artificial sex toys in their bedrooms. In fact, plenty of sex toys in India have been introduced online for triggering erotic pleasures in the lives of singles as well as couples. While a lot of women have thankfully got artificial hymen for preventing their virginity, men have been found to be pretty happy with artificial pussy. To be precisesilicone dolls have been a huge hit among men, and to buy them at the most affordable price, Adultvibes have introduced an incredible range of silicone dolls and other artificial sex toys in India.

Although the famous Indian online sex toy store, Adultvibes, sells artificial adult toys, these sex toys in India are all made of non-toxic materials. The majority of the sex toys here are made of silicone rubber, TPR and ABS plastic that are all safe for the skin. If you are planning to buy artificial sex toys, Adultvibes is the best and the most reliable online store that you can consider for buying sex toys in India. 

Despite, there might be questions as to what one would benefit from shopping at Adultvibes for sex toys in India. Well, there are plenty of reasons to state. Apart from having an incredible collection of non-toxic sex toys, this online adult toys store has fantastic shopping schemes to boast of. Just imagine the hassles you face along with the embarrassments of buying such products in public. Adultvibes makes it so easy to buy sex toys in India from any corner. No matter in which city you are, you don’t need to visit in person for buying a sex toy. Just visit the website, fill up a few details, choose your product and place the order at your desired address.

Adultvibes, moreover, offers an extremely reliable mode of payment, which is Cash on Delivery. It often happens that you run out of money while ordering a product online. But with this facility, buying sex toys in India will be so effortless. So, once the delivery man hands over the order, you just pay the cash then and there. For this, you just need to check the time span of the concerned city from where you are ordering. In other words, sex toys in India can now be bought through Cash on Delivery online from Adultvibes.

Apart from Cash on Delivery, Adultvibes allows multiple payment options like Debit and Credit card, PayuMoney, NEFT and more. So, even if you are having a smartphone, you can order sex toys in India online by following a few essential steps. Moreover, Adultvibes has left its presence in almost every corner of India. In the last few years, a huge number of people from the metropolitan and many other cities have placed online orders for sex toys from Adultvibes, taking its sales figures to heights. So, when it comes to buying sex toys in India, Adultvibes will always stand ahead.

Another big reason behind the popularity of Adultvibes in the context of buying sex toys in India is their exclusive range of products. In fact, this is one such online store that deals in a stunning variety of sex toys in India. For instance, the collection of vibrators is noteworthy as women can shop here from bullet vibrators, nipple vibrators, dildo vibrators, G-spot vibrators and more. Each and every product comes with different modes and features that make it stand out from the other. Again, if you talk about enlargement creams, Adultvibes will surely impress both men and women. From penis to breast enlargement creams, the online sex toy stores have got all sorts of supplements for men as well as women.

Apart from these, Adultvibes has got some effective masturbators for men like Fleshlight and Spider Sower masturbators. These are loaded with sensational features that would create crazy sensations on the user’s genitals. So, the next time you are heading to buy sex toys in India, Adultvibes will help you do so within your means. Just sit back on your couch, take your laptop and order sex toys in India online with the help of a few clicks.

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Growth of Sex Toys in India – A Detailed Report by Adultvibes

Some questions are still lurking in the minds of many like: 

“Is India still the land of conventions where Kamasutra took birth? 

“Has the sex toy market shown any improvement in 2020?”

Well, it is actually needless to date back centuries ago and dig out facts. Rather, people today are more curious to find out whether India has undergone a progressive mentality in accepting sex toys on its soil.


Here is the Good News

In comparison to the last 5 years, the growth of sex toys in India has been massive. Where the sex toy market revenue was about 1,375 crores in 2015, it has jumped to 8,850 crores this year. This is indeed a stunning rise for the Indian economy and is a strong hint that the adult toy industry is definitely among the booming ones.


Growth as per Location

The highest sales figures for sex toys in India keep coming from the major cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. The other cities recorded a rise of 25 to 30% in the sales figures:


The City of Joy recorded a stunning rise of 37% in the use of realistic vibrators by women for solo play. In 2017, where 17% of female users were found to be using G-spot vibrators, the growth has hiked up to 36% in 2020. Men going for male strokers also recorded an impressive rise of 24% in the last 5 months.



The number of sex toy users in Mumbai has also undergone a decent growth both among men and women. Glass dildo users in the city were the most while men were found to be asking for spider sower masturbators. Strap-on users also showed a rise from 18% to 35% among couples.



Bangalore recorded a surprising number of sex machine users. Alongside, a fair percentage of working women went for vibrating panty and said that they enjoyed the experience. A lot of fresh requests came for delay sprays from men who had problems in early ejaculation. Luxury vibrator users were among 27% women who wanted some more intense foreplay.



The crazy for BDSM toys and accessories has been felt the most in Delhi. The percentage rose from 23% to 47% which is pretty impressive. The demand for chastity lock and handcuffs was the most among the BDSM toys. Also, the requests for app control vibrators popped up from various corners of the city. Strap-on without harness also allured a good deal of couples from the city.



Around 46% of women had ordered realistic vibrators in Chennai while 42% men asked for cock rings. Even the demand of big artificial vagina was pretty good while that of arousal gels was ordered away by a good number of couples.



Hyderabad stole the show by coming up with a 33% rise in the number of users for male masturbation toys. Women, on the other hand, showed more enthusiasm towards using bullet vibrators. When compared to 28% last year, it has reached up to 44% this year.


Growth as per Gender:

Adultvibes has also provided us the statistics on how men, women and even couples have raised their demands for using sex toys in India:


In the last 3 years, the growth of female sex toy users in India has spiked up from 19% to 34%. The majority of them have sounded quite serious in buying sex toys like vibrators and clitoral rings. Among these women, most cover the age limit between 30 and 48. Precisely, both single and married women have showed almost equal interest in playing with toys in bed.



The percentage male sex toy users have stayed quite steady in the last 2 years. Surprisingly, it has risen from 25% in 2018 to 45% in 2020. This has been a magnificent surge, especially after the emergence of new male masturbators and male strokers. Also, there has been a fantastic rise in the number of sex doll users. Around 35% from Gujarat and 30% from Jaipur ordered for inflatable dolls.



Fortunately, around 32% men among couples have switched from condoms to penis sleeves. Apart from protection, a lot of men have been thankful for their penile growth on using sleeves. 48% of the couples agreed that anal sex was better in terms of assuring orgasm for each other. 

On the other hand, 46% women said rabbit vibrators gave their male partners maximum pleasure to see their girls getting an orgasm. The number of strap-on users also went high from 22% to 48% that include lesbians as well. 

This shows that the need for using sex toys in India will never die. Experts are predicting that these facts and figures will definitely get better with the passage of time.


Our Top Trending Sex Toys

Although Adultvibes has a plethora of sex toys in India for everyone, some of these have become quite popular in the last few months. Reports say that men have made good use of sex dolls for intercourse practices while a good percentage of women have been found celebrating loneliness with a G-spot vibrating dildo. Even for couples, products like app control vibrator and strap-on have clicked so well.

So, let’s have a quick look at some of these trending sex toys in India at Adultvibes that have made numerous happier and better:


Silicone Doll in India

Adult toys made of silicone have always been a sensation for men. According to sources, Adultvibes received an incredible response for Super Girl, inflatable and sex real dolls. Men sounded enthusiastic and keen to get silicone dolls for sexual pleasure.

Buy Silicone Doll in India


These silicone dolls have also been recorded to be quite safe for the male genitals. Experts have recommended it to wash these dolls thoroughly before and after the performance. There is no doubt that silicone dolls have turned out to be a craze among men in the last few years.


Realistic Vibrating Dildo in India

Dildos have been quite popular among women. But the range of vibrating and non-vibrating dildos here at Adultvibes is just out of the box. Girls have been going for these to meet their sexual pleasures. The collection here has been quite impressive and liked by a lot of women.

Buy Realistic Vibrating dildo in India


The feedbacks regarding both realistic vibrating and non-vibrating dildos have been quite convincing here at Adultvibes. Most importantly, the variety has much been talked about and loved by girls of different ages throughout India.


Strap-on in India

A fantastic pick for couples, a strap-on has been a hot cake for years. The lesbian partners are known to use this for satisfying each other. Adultvibes has brought even more advanced strap-on models that include vibrators as well as those without a harness.

Buy Strap-on Dildo in India


These couple sex toys have been doing a great job uniting couples with pleasure inside their bedrooms. Rather, the compilation of strap-on at Adultvibes has been fantastic and covers a superb variety. Strap-on lovers are sure to find these worth adding to their collection.


Male Stroker in India

No one imagined, especially men, how a masturbator can bring home vaginas of pornstars to stroke and enjoy. Such is the magic of male strokers that are making men order these in bulk. Adultvibes has been receiving orders for these products from various corners of India and predicts that the number will rise in the coming days.

Buy Male Stroker in India


The X-factor that these male strokers allure men are that real-shaped vagina. The skin color makes these look so real and result in satisfaction after usage. These have no doubt turned out to be effective male masturbators at reasonable prices.


App Control Vibrator in India

Technology has shaken hands with the world of eroticism and left thousands of couples surprised in making long-distance relationships successful. These bullet vibrators come equipped with a modern mechanism that runs through a smartphone application and Bluetooth support. Our online store has got a brilliant response towards taking orders for these products.

Buy App Control Vibrator in India


After using these app control vibrators, many couples have revived their relationships and eliminated their differences. Thanks to the smartphones that have made these vibrators come to life and helping couples to get naughty with each other from long distances.


Rabbit Vibrator in India

When girls look for intensifying solos and you give them a rabbit vibrator to play, they would prefer staying inside their rooms only. Yes, it’s true that Adultvibes has expressed wonder in getting orders for rabbit vibrators from women of all ages. These are magical vibrating devices and designed with a rabbit-like shaft for producing sensations on the female genitals.

Buy Rabbit Vibrator in India


Adultvibes has the smartest collection of rabbit vibrators and that also at affordable rates. These vibrators are, in fact, quite popular among girls who wish some more stimulations and intense orgasms. The range here is huge and good to browse.


Cock Ring in India

Cock rings have been real saviors for men. Those who fail to get an erection during their most intimate moments have benefited hugely by wearing these penis rings. The collection is massive and quite innovative here at Adultvibes where men would be spoilt for choice. With these rings, a lot of men have got their performances bettered with the passage of time.

Buy Cock Ring in India


Cock rings are also quite comfortable to wear and do not affect the male genitals at all. There are even cock ring vibrators along with other such male sex toys in India here at Adultvibes. The prices have been set quite decently to make people afford it with pleasure.


Penis Extender Sleeve in India

Some men call it the shield for their penis. These sleeves are quite effective for the penis to grow in size and achieve an erection as well. As the name says, a penis extender sleeve looks exactly like the male penis and takes a perfect shape, size, and look.

Buy Penis Extender Sleeve in India


Penis extender sleeves are made of silicone and are quite soothing enough to wear and use. This has been trending for quite some time here at Adultvibes and has been benefiting men in their sex life. Men would definitely make a fulfilling choice here from the huge assortment of penis extender sleeves available.


How to Order sex Toys in India

The most obvious question for all our visitors is how to place an order for sex toys in India at Adultvibes. Well, the good news is it is so easy and hassle-free. No complex steps, no hard procedures, and no weird terms and conditions.


Method 1:

You just visit the website, browse the categories and then the subcategories for the right product, select it, and add to the cart.

Once it is added to the cart, you need to continue with the steps and proceed accordingly.

Next, you will be asked to avail of any of the payment options and then you can proceed to pay online through your Debit or Credit card. Hence, you will receive the payment in 2 to 3 working days.

You can also opt to pay through Cash on Delivery (if not online) and place an order. In this case, you will receive the order on the same day.


Method 2:

If you are not willing to place an order through the website, you can always call up the customer care team and request for an order. The contact number is provided on our website. On this number, you can get in touch with a Sales Executive and even sort out any query or issue.


Payment Options

As mentioned earlier, one can avail of the most flexible payment schemes at Adultvibes. Here are the following:


Cash on Delivery

It is a very common and reliable payment method opted by many online buyers. Here the buyer needs to pay through cash after receiving the order at his/her address. The cash is paid to the delivery boy after he delivers the order successfully.


Online Payment

Making an online payment is also very convenient and safe. This allows buyers to make their payment through their personal debit or credit card through the website. This is a direct payment method where one pays in advance for the product before receiving it at his/her address. 


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