How To Order

How A Customer Creates an Order on Adultvibes


If there is any convenient thing in this world, it is online shopping. In the last 10 years, we have got a crystal clear idea as to how cost-effective it has been for thousands of people in India.

A similar surge in the demand for online shopping for sex toys has also been observed in the last few years. When Adultvibes started in the year 2009, online shopping was not in news. But today, this has prospered to a whole new level.

In fact, the most interesting thing is that it takes no time and effort to create an order online, and this has been the X-factor behind the significance of online shopping.


Visit our Website and Create an Order Directly

As far as the ordering process through our Adultvibes website is concerned, it is so easy and effortless. No complex steps, no hidden policies, no hidden costs; you just choose a product from our website, add it to your cart and proceed to complete some basic formalities before placing the order; it is really so simple.

Once you visit our online sex toy store, you will have categories to choose from. Whichever category you wish to browse, click on it to head to the subcategories. There you will be led to choose from multiple products of your choice. Thereafter, you can proceed to initiate the shopping process.


Call Our Sales Executives and Create an Order

If at any point in time you find that you are not able to create an order through our website or you get stuck in a step, don’t worry at all. Just give a call to our customer care support team. Here all our Sales Executives will be ready to help you create an order. They will gather some basic information that you need to provide. Once done, they will process the order with your consent.


The Step by Step Process to Create an Order on Adultvibes


If you want to create an order directly through our website, the following steps will help you:



  •          Search for the right category on the homepage


  •          Click on the category that will lead to subcategories or products directly


  •          Click on the product you find suitable. Once it is done, go to ‘Add to Cart’ and click on it


  •          Your product will be added to the shopping cart. Once confirmed, go to ‘Proceed to checkout


  •          You will be directed here to the Personal Information section. Fill it up correctly and provide all true details.


  •          Select your preferred payment option through which you are good to pay


  •          Your Order is placed


If you want to create an order through a call, the following steps will help you:


  •     Visit our website 

  •     Note the contact number at the footer section of the homepage, which says: Call: +91 9830252178

  •      By calling on this number, you can talk directly to our Sales Executives. You can simply request him to create an order you want to proceed with

  •      In response, our Sales Executive will take some crucial details for customer verification

  •       If the verification is completed successfully, our Sales Executive will create your order


Despite, if you have any questions or queries, you can either call us at +91 9830252178 or send us an email at [email protected]