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Adultvibes – The Best Online Store for Sex Toys in India

Sex Toys In India | Male & Female Adult Products in India | Online Sex Toys Store in India


Buy Sex Toys in India: People in India have been talking about sex for years. But how many of them think about spreading the message of sexual wellness among people?

How many of them are missioned towards making men and women alert in maintaining health and hygiene before and after sex?


The Answer Came in 2009

It was the year 2009 when we launched Adultvibes in Kolkata. This was the first online sex toys store in India where we kicked off. Our objective was to introduce adult sex toys in India for the first time to common people.

We wanted to help them so that they can unlock their deepest desires and bring a positive change in their mindset as well as in their sex life.

It was a grand success from our end because we started getting responses from all over India within just a few months. Gradually, we went on to receive orders from the metros and later from other cities throughout India.


Adultvibes – The Name that Changed Thousands of Lives

We observed that people were aware of sex but the majority was unaware of how sex toys can make a big difference in their lives.

Keeping such an observation in mind, we brought a remarkable collection of sex toys for men and sex toys for women at Adultvibes. Not only couples, our online Sex toys store in India brought various sorts of erotic products for singles, gays, and lesbians as well.


Adultvibes in 2020

Today in 2020, Adultvibes (No. 1 Online sex toys store India) has made it possible to reach the farthest corners of India with its massive collection of Adult products.

Also, it is equipped with a proficient customer support team that comprises all professional and knowledgeable staff.

Now, it continues to be among India’s most popular adult toy stores by being a life changer for thousands.


How Adultvibes Plays a Key Role Here?

The online sex toys store in India, Adultvibes is not just a mere online sex toys shop selling adult products. It cares for every customer. Whichever product it sells, it ensures that it is fresh, safe, and good to use.

Besides, Adultvibes assures transparency about a few aspects:

  • No hidden policies

  • No hidden costs

  • No used products

  • No complex payment modes

  • No delay in customer support


We have Stepped in the Major Cities in India

Since the year 2009 till now, we have made way to almost every city in India. But there are some major cities where we have been quite successful in offering our services. For instance:


Sex Toys in Kolkata

As we stated in the beginning, we gave a grand start here. In this City of Joy, we sold various types of female and male sex toys and got an incredible response. We even got orders from Howrah, North Kolkata, South Kolkata, and other parts of the city.

Today, we are proud to be an integral part of Kolkata and we have also COD services here. Our COD delivery period in Kolkata is 24 hours from the date of the order. Now, ordering sex toys in Kolkata online is just a few clicks away.


Sex Toys in Delhi

Delhi is where we have captured a massive chain of customers. We have reached various corners of this city as well as neighboring places like Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Meerut, and more.

In Delhi, we also have Cash on Delivery services for buying sex toys in Delhi. Just like Kolkata, our period for COD delivery here in Delhi is within 24 hours.


Sex Toys in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most happening cities where we have sold a wide range of sex toys for males, females, and couples.

We have got some great responses and bulk orders from Thane, Pune, Pimpri, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, and more. We are looking forward to reaching some more neighboring areas in Maharashtra.


Sex Toys in Chennai

The city of Chennai has also been one of the hotspots where we have done good business in the last few years. We have received interest from customers here for all the categories of products we sell.

Besides, we have received interests from Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, and more.


Sex Toys in Bangalore

The demand for sex toys in Bangalore has always been on the rise. It was evident from the number of vibrators we sold in the last 9 months.

Bangalore will always remain in our list of highest selling products. Going forward, we are intending to reach out to more areas in Bangalore.


What Products are Available at Adultvibes?

Online sex toy shopping is known for its convenience and Adultvibes simply proves it. It provides the easiest shopping steps so that one does not end up confused or makes up his mind to quit from the middle.

When one enters the website, there will be categories under which there would be subcategories. This would be easier for one to choose his/her desired products.

Now, let’s find out the categories from where one can choose and proceed to shop:


Female Sex Toys in India

Girls would be happy to shop here. This category has been further classified into three sections that include various sex toys along with some unique accessories and essential items for making one’s sex life brighter, happier, and safer. 


Sex Toys for Girls in India

Under this category, one would find different types of female sex toys in India. Each of these sex toys is meant to help women strengthen their sexual powers. For instance, one would be able to browse various sorts of vibrators, vibrating dildos, sex kit, sex machine, electro sex toys, and more.


Sex Accessories for Girls in India

There are also accessories for girls that include vibrating panty, silicone breast prosthesis, steel ring, and more. All these accessories are designed to give women absolute pleasure in their sex life in India.


Products Needs for Girls in India

Here one would come across the most essential sex toys in India for females who are willing to bring a new change to their sex life. These items comprise a pussy pump, artificial hymen, breast and penis enlargement creams, etc.


Male Sex Toys in India

Men would take absolute pleasure in shopping from this category of male sex toys in India. Here one would find sex toys as well as some needy products. Every product listed here is made of the most superior quality and skin-friendly material 


Sex Toys for Boys in India

Under this subcategory, men would come across all those toys that would add a new meaning to their sex life. These include male strokers, silicone love dolls, male masturbation toys, big artificial vagina, toy cleaner, and more.


Products Needs for Boys in India

Men will find here the most necessary sex toys in India for males like cock ring, penis enlarger device, boys sex kit, penis sleeve etc. These adult products for men will definitely be useful for all men who have been deprived of good sex life.


Couple Sex Toys in India

Partners who are willing to go experimental on the bed will love shopping from this category. Here couples will come across the most fascinating products to have a spicy sex life.

In this category, one will find exciting products like bondage sex accessories and gadgets, strap-on with harness as well as vibrators, anal dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and more.

Whether couples are willing to enjoy BDSM or anal sex or simple lovemaking, these products will play a bigger role.


Sex Toys for Party in India

Those who are eager to enjoy lovemaking to the core and do not want to make it look conventional will find this category interesting.

Here in this ‘Party’ category, one will come across some super trendy bondage toys and accessories that include mouth ball gag, chastity lock device, sex bondage chair, sex swing, leather whips, etc.

Apart from these, there are pheromone attractant sprays for men, women, and unisex as well. These adult sprays are designed to induce sexual feelings for the user as well as his/her partner.

The collection of fun stuff like cigarette lighters and scented candles is also great here under this category. People who want to lend their bedrooms an erotic touch will love shopping from this category.


Herbal Sex Products in India

The herbal products will continue to dominate in India for making one’s sex life safer and better. Adultvibes has got a remarkable collection of lube and herbal products that are now going to benefit one and all.

Under this category, there are delay sprays for men who can extend their duration of lovemaking. Also, one would find Thai herbal massage oil along with lubricating gels, creams, and other products. These arousal gels are quite effective in doubling the urge of lovemaking in men and women.

Besides, there are also coffee sexual enhancers, vaginal tightening stick, sex drops, and more. All these products are quite helpful in making users bring back their lovemaking abilities on the bed. 


Long Distance Sex Toys in India

You have always heard about long distance relationships. But have you ever heard about long distance lovemaking? Yes, this category brings you a fantastic sex gadget in India in the name of app control vibrator.

This is a modernized vibrator that can be operated through a smartphone app and Bluetooth support. Once the app is installed in the smartphone, both partners will be able to enjoy its effects from two different places.

The app control vibrators available here are of popular brands. Therefore, users can stay assured of a unique experience.


Lingerie for Men and Women in India

Under this category, an innovative variety of lingerie for both women and men has been introduced. The items here are all trendy and made of premium quality fabric. Moreover, the lingerie collection here includes all sorts of dresses for different occasions. The ‘Lingerie’ category has been further classified into Lingerie for Her and Lingerie for Him.


Lingerie for Her in India

While browsing this sub-category, girls will find a wide range of options starting from panty and thongs, baby doll dresses, bikini sets, jeggings to swim wear, sleep wear and club wear. All these feature great designs and cuts that will help women get new style statements.


Lingerie for Him in India

This subcategory is for the men who can choose from G-strings and thongs. These lingerie sets are quite fashionable that would give men the confidence to flaunt their physique.


The Best Selling Adult Products at Adultvibes

Although Adultvibes currently possesses a vast range of adult products designed for men and women, some products are always high in demand. Taking into consideration the last few years, we have chalked out a list of sex toys in India that have proved to be extremely helpful for men and women.

Out of all these artificial sex toys, some have given women the ability to win back their men on the bed while some have taught men how to be the lion on the bed.  

So, let’s have a look at those trending sex toys in India at Adultvibes:


Rabbit Vibrator in India

Adultvibes has a strong understanding of the wonderful relationship between a rabbit and sex. The rabbit vibrators it has got are all of superior quality and very easy to use as well.

Every rabbit vibrator here plays a key role in giving women orgasms like anything. These are usually shaped like the phallus and can even vibrate and rotate.

Some great rabbit vibrators that deserve to be tried at least once are the Passion Wave Jack Rabbit Vibrator, Butterfly Clitoris 6-function Rotation Rabbit Vibrator, and the Mini Rabbit Vibrator.


Strap-on in India

Strap-on is among the highest selling adult products for couples here at Adultvibes. It is mainly designed for lesbians. But a lot of couples use it to bring more fun in their erotic plays.

With a harness and sometimes a dildo attached, it is usually worn around the waist.

Some top recommended Adult products would be the Ultra Hollow Strap On Dildo Vibrating, Butterfly Remote Control Strap On Vibrator, and Super Strapless Dildo Vibration and Escalation.


Electro Sex Toy in India

Have you ever experienced a unique blend of electricity and sex? Adultvibes has an outstanding collection of electro sextoys in India. These high-tech and hot sex toys produce electrical impulses to the female genitals to leave them completely stimulated.

The electro sex toys that are sure to bring electrifying moments for women are Butterfly Dance Electro Sex Kit and the Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit.


Penis Sleeve in India

We are happy to have sold a good number of penis extender sleeves to plenty of men till date. These penis sleeves have benefited a lot of men in their sex life. Mostly, these are made of good quality silicone and fit the penis perfectly.

Some of the popular penis sleeves at our store are Choco Sleeve, the Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve, and the Sweet Cage Vibrating Penis Sleeve.


Pussy pump in India

If you are one of those women who have been finding it quite difficult to make your pussy respond for pure sexual pleasure, you need a pussy pump. It mainly utilizes vacuum around the clitoris to bring women an irresistible urge for a sexual encounter.  

The pussy pumps that will bring a big difference in one’s sex life are the Portable 3 in 1 Miniature Clitoris Sucker and Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrator.


Penis Enlargement Cream in India

There will be no more sad stories for men and their undersized penis. The penis enlargement cream strengthens the penile tissues and makes men capable to perform on bed.  

Having the safest ingredients, these enlargement creams work much faster in increasing the length and girth of the male penis.

Some top penis enlargement creams for men to consider are Inverma Largo Penis Enlargement Gel, Ultra Foam Penis Enlarging Cream, and XXL Strong Penis Enlargement Cream.


Realistic Vibrator in India

Adultvibes has plenty of reasons to make women happy. One of the reasons is our collection of realistic vibrators. These are nothing but dildo vibrators that women would love to have for a satisfactory orgasm.

Some great realistic vibrators would be the Female Purse Vibrator, Super Ribbed Realistic Vibrator, Crystal Realistic Vibrator, and Mr. Dong Realistic Vibrator.


Cock Ring in India

Men would any day love to wear this to see their erection powers getting stronger. These are little rings worn around the penis and quite effective as well.

Some of the cock rings that have given outstanding results to men are the Pleasure Tongue Cock Ring, Dolphin Cock Ring Vibrator, Heavy Cock Ring-Ice Flower, and Esschert Design Cock Ring.


Inflatable Love Doll in India

Men will now have their new, hot, and sexy bed companion. Yes, the inflatable love dolls are so realistic that they seem to be almost human. One can easily inflate these dolls and get on with their naughty activities. These dolls are made of top quality silicone, and therefore, very soft and safe.

Some great options would be the Angel Blow Up Baby Doll, the Inflatable 3D Wife, and the Inflatable Girlfriend.


Glass Dildo in India

Glass dildos are counted among women’s favorite sex toys in India. These are considered to be quite safe for being made of Pyrex that looks just like glass.

Easy to clean, glass dildos here are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs here at Adultvibes.

The best glass dildos one should try are the Bud Glass Dildo, Anal Glass Dildo, Pleasure Glass Dildo, and the Dotted Purple Glass Dildo.


Bullet Vibrator in India

Bullet vibrators are known to be the most popular in terms of double penetration.

Adultvibes has got a unique collection of bullet vibrators. Women will love to shop for these sex gadgets from our store in India.

The bullet vibrators which are a must-try include the Remote Control Vibrating Egg, Strong Double Bullet Vibrator, 7-speed Secret Love Finger Vibrator, and Naughty Mouse Vibrator.


Silicone Sex Doll in India

Take your eroticism to the next level with our exclusive collection of silicone sex dolls in India.

These dolls have hot bodies, lifelike private organs, and accurate statures. Men who regret not having partners will love having these mature dolls.

Some of the silicone dolls that deserve mention are the Full Body Real Silicone Doll, Clares Acrobatic Fantasy Male Apparatus Doll, and Fashion Girls USA and Double Doll.


Anal Dildo in India

Anal sex is popular and loved by a lot of couples. Therefore, we get orders from various corners of India for this product. These dildos are designed specifically to enter the anal area so that the insertion is smooth and the user doesn’t get hurt.

Some of the products related to this subcategory which are a must-try include Anal Bead Silicone, Fluorescent Beads Stick, and Silver Beaded Anal Vibrator.


Male Masturbator in India

The masturbation gadgets for men we have here at Adultvibes are unique and designed for pure pleasure. Most of these products are made of pure silicone.

The best thing about these male masturbators is that these have vaginal inserts. As a result, men take extreme pleasure during their solos.

Some male masturbating toys for men that are worth considering include the Pocket Pussy, Alone Girl, Fleshlight masturbator, Spider Sower masturbator, and Pussy in Can.


App Control Vibrator in India

App control vibrators we have here are operated based on smartphone applications and Bluetooth. These vibrators are best for couples who stay at long distances from each other.

One needs to have a smartphone and the app installed in it. Once done, the partners will have the desired fun with each other. The app-controlled vibrators which showed the highest sales figures are the Irena I Smartphone Controlled Vibrator and Lovense Lush Wireless Bluetooth App Vibrator.


Shop and Pay with No Worries at Adultvibes

Shopping for sex toys in India at Adultvibes is the most pleasant thing you will experience. We have the most flexible and transparent payment mediums. This will not create any complications for our customers to buy sex toys from us.

So, here are the payment modes through which you can buy adult toys from our store:


Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery (COD) is a well-known payment system, especially among online buyers. Here the customer pays the billing amount in cash to the delivery man.

The entire process is very safe and involves no hassles at all. One just needs to visit our site, choose a product he/she wants to buy, and place the order by choosing Cash on Delivery as his/her preferred payment mode.

When the order is processed, it gets ready for dispatch at the exact address provided by the customer.

So, Now Purchase Adult sex toys in India through Cash On Delivery service is easy.

If you have any COD related query, you can email us at


Call on +91 9681150748

For Cash on Delivery service in Kolkata and Delhi, we assure to deliver orders in 24 hours.

For other cities, our delivery time is a minimum of 2 to 3 days.


Online Payment

Adultvibes welcomes customers to use their debit card or credit card to make payments online. Our accounts department initiates the transaction with carefulness. All the card details provided by the customer are kept absolutely confidential.

We also have Paytm facilities through which our customers can pay us electronically. Just make sure the app is installed in your smartphone and then you can make the payment instantly.

Our customers can also avail of the facility to make their payments through net banking, which is quite a trusted payment mode.

So, you can choose to shop and pay any of these payment modes, whichever seems convenient to you.


Final Words

We hope you will have a pleasant experience while shopping at Adultvibes. We have all sorts of options through which we will offer help to our customers and solve every possible query they have.

For any sort of assistance, we have our Customer Support team that comprises all expert Sales Executives. Just give them a call and they will do their best to help you in all possible ways.

You can also communicate us through an email at



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