About Adultvibes

About Us

Our Objective :

Our prime objective here at Adultvibes.in is to help people create a healthy relationship and gain physical satisfaction in bed without any complications. Besides, we care for people who have been trying to sort out sexual problems for long. With this mission, we have brought a superb range of sex toys and accessories that would show both men and women the safest ways to get intimate with each other.


Our Products :

As far as our list of products at Adultvibes.in goes, it is a long one. There are sex dolls, cock rings, penis extender sleeves, feature-rich masturbators, and penis enlargement creams for men. On the other hand, we have moon period cups, glass dildos, pussy pumps, rabbit vibrators, lingerie, and so on for women. Also, couples can choose from desensitizers, BDSM kits, lubes, personal arousal gels etc. from our store.


Why Choose Us :

Adultvibes.in deals in products that are all fresh and approved by health experts. Besides, we give our users the convenience to shop for any of our products online from anywhere in India. We also let our users choose from multiple payment modes in order to make payments without any confusion. Our users can pay through options like Cash on Delivery, Debit and Credit Card, Net Banking, NEFT, Paytm etc. Furthermore, we give massive discounts on our products along with attractive gifts and other offers to customers.


We India’s First Adult Online Store

It was the year 2009 when we kicked off with the objective to spread the message of sexual wellness among people. We knew it would not be easy to do so by merely being verbal. So, we came up with the idea to ship out sexual wellness products in India that would be helpful for men and women in improving their personal lives.

True it was that there were no competitors around. We were the first and still the oldest adult online store in India to have come up with this idea of selling sex toys. There were diverse thoughts in our mind as to how would the response be; how would people take these in India; will the message of sexual wellness be rightly understood by everyone?

With the passage of time, we started getting orders. There was a strong hint that people are taking an interest in these products. After getting orders from Kolkata and other parts of West Bengal, we started getting responses from the other major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai. This boosted up our confidence and we started expanding our range of products.


Adultvibes is Opposed to Commercialization 

Right from the day we started, we never had any other business intentions in mind. We only focused on letting people enjoy good sexual health with the help of our products. This is a reason why we have been so vigilant while accepting products from the manufacturers.

Our motive was to assist people in taking up such sexual wellness products that would keep them sexually safe. Hence, we emphasize more on materials like silicone, TPR, Pyrex, etc. All these materials are absolutely harmless for sensitive skin. In short, Adultvibes is completely against commercialization and would continue to keep people strong, safe, and happy on the bed.


Adultvibes Suggests Individual Usage of Products

Since Adultvibes makes its intentions clear to keep one sexually fit, it advises everyone to use products individually. Each and every product we sell, we strictly recommend to use it for one’s own use. It is always a safer strategy to keep one’s sex toys to oneself or otherwise, things can complicate in the long-run.


We Deliver Discreetly 

Discreet delivery is a very crucial aspect of our store. Firstly, we pack our products in a standard box so that it doesn’t get damaged on the way. Next, we ship through DTDC couriers so that our order can get delivered at the right time and at the right address.

Now, when we hand over the product to the customer, we make sure to do it discreetly. For this, we never mention anything about the product details on the package except the customer’s address. This sustains the confidentiality of the order we deliver.

So, we would love to have you as one of our happy and satisfied customers. We hope to make your bed stories sexually safer and beautiful.