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Female Sex Toys | Buy Sex Toys for Women in India - Adultvibes

Girls get ready to snatch the best deals on mature toys online. One will come across the most unique sex toys for women that would double their happiness on bed.  A stunning collection of female sex toys like realistic vibrators, app control vibrator, pussy pump, vibrating panty etc. will leave girls thrilled.


Know Everything about Sex Toys for Women in India


Do Indian women really use sex toys?  

India has always been known as the land of conventions. However, it is surprising that the age of Kamasutra came into existence in India only. Despite, the word ‘sex’ has been considered to be a controversial one, especially for women discussing in public. Well, these stories were decades back, and now the 21st century smells of modernism, that is, the acceptance of sex toys for woman in India.

Women in this new age have grown to be quite independent, both economically and physically. Men have got busier nowadays than they used to be earlier. Of course, the scenario is the same for women. But those who are not able to step out of the home; those who do not get physical attention from their men have now started taking smarter moves. These are none other than taking up women sex toys in India.


Sex Toys – The Real Stamina for Ladies

No, it’s not out of the depression that ladies are picking up female sex toys. There is something called ‘pleasure’ and it is perfectly okay to enjoy it. One will probably not deny that women work like anything throughout the day. Be it handling household chores or office pressure, women are real champs. But what stands essential behind this is never-ending stamina that keeps them going.

A sex toy, therefore, injects a heavy dose of energy in their bodies by waking up their private parts. This releases their mental pressure, stress, and anxiety and helps them to regain mental peace. Whether she is having her man on the bed or completely alone, a sex toy for ladies lends that heavenly feel to their innermost organs.


Do Women Pick Sex Toys for their Men’s Inability?

It’s the most pathetic query you might have come across at some point or the other. But it is important to discuss here that sex toys for women do not have any relation to their male partner’s inability on bed. Well, there might be rare cases. But the prime objective of using a sex toy for women is to have new erotic experiences. Believe it or not, some women want more beyond what is humanly possible.


Reports Reveal the Truth

As per the sales report generated by the online sex stores in India, the demand for dildos and vibrators are on the rise. The majority of female callers look for vibrating devices. We being India’s first online adult toys store, Adultvibes, were shocked by our daily sale of dildo vibrators. Even couples were found calling to order sex toys for females like bullet and rabbit vibrators.

Our sources also reported that the masturbators for women among the hot toys for female are also high in demand. A lot of single women have called up and had requested discreet delivery of masturbators. Among the callers, some have willingly discussed their loneliness and have subsequently placed orders for vibrating massagers and even sex lubricants.


Sex Toys are Fun for Women when Alone

Of course, women enjoy making love with their men by taking the help of woman sex toys. But they also prefer staying alone to play with their bodies. Well, it’s a good thing for women. Why would masturbation be always related to men? Why can’t women think of exploring their genitals when there is no one around?

Certainly, every girl has the right to get erotic, whether she is with her man or lying all alone on the bed. So, these female sex toys act as their best companion to let them know what their vaginas, their tits, and their buttocks speak about. Altogether, using adult toys for men turns into unlimited fun.

Now, here is a question.


When women are alone, what type of sex toys would they prefer going for?

  • The vibrating massager can be a good choice among female sex toys to make. Since she is all alone, she can simply lie down naked and enjoy taking those vibrating tickles on her clit.


  • A G-spot vibrator lets one easily go deep inside her genitals. Touching the G-spot is inexplicable and girls only know what it feels. So, these vibrators among sex toys for women would do a great job.


  • Non-vibrators or what is called a non-vibrating dildo can be great for the newbies among the sex toys for ladies. Since the touch is a new one, it’s better to start slow and not with vibrations. Once it gets accustomed, the vibrations are welcomed.


On the contrary, when women are with partners, what type of sex toys would be best?

  • While having a partner, a woman can enjoy foreplay more than the missionary session. So, a nipple vibrator would be magical among the female adult toys for her while the male partner would enjoy her erotic screams.


  • If not physically, women can now enjoy long-distance lovemaking with an app control vibrator. With the advent of smartphones, these female toys are now the talk of the town among women.


  • Anal dildos are not something new to couples. But the online stores are upgrading their collection with newer ones. The anal vibrators and butt plugs, for instance, are making anal sex a lot more thrilling among couples.


Where can I get a Unique Variety of Female Sex Toys in India?


India has numerous online sex toy shops. Consequently, the competition has got huge and people are now more into online shopping. has similarly made a wise move in the world of female sex toys, alluring people from all over India. Among them, there have been plenty of female callers who have placed orders and have even responded positively.

So, women who are planning to fetch some new erotic items to their bedroom can visit and get going. Here are 5 reasons why buying sex toys for women here at this online adult toy store will be worth the money. Have a look:


  • No fake promises – When we serve customers, especially the ladies, we understand their needs and accordingly, we suggest them to buy products. Our service policies are against making false promises just for the sake of making a profit. We choose what’s best for the user.


  • Dedicated to Quality – All our hot toys for female are of good quality. To elaborate, we deal in products made of high-quality materials. With this, we ensure safety and good health for our women customers.


  • Delivered to Doorstep – With the intention to keep our customers at convenience, we take requests for orders to be delivered at their doorstep. Relax; we don’t reveal anyone about your order nor do we leave any details on the pack. We do discreet packaging that keeps your order detail completely confidential.


  • Variety is unmatched and huge – We have been serving singles and couples for over 10 years, and we are still strong in the competition. So, our variety of female sex toys is that much huge and impressive, which has resulted in creating a strong customer base in the last few years. A lot of married women and even singles have plenty to shop from our store.


  • Pay at your Ease – We respect the sense of trust people show upon us when it comes to making payments for any order from our store. In this respect, we are transparent and keep no hidden costs. Our payment options are also quite reliable and flexible so that no one faces any challenge while making payments. We have even kept Cash on Delivery, and this has proved quite beneficial for many of our users.


What Types of Female Sex Toys We Have?

Adultvibes takes the utmost pleasure to present some exceptional adult products for men and women. Besides, there are sex toys for couples along with herbal products.

The list does not end here as you will also come across several adult gadgets and accessories for party and BDSM. Even the app control vibrators we have are incredibly stylish and extremely advanced.

Adultvibes has, therefore, classified its female toys category into three subcategories. This would be helpful for visitors to find a specific product and understand the type she wants to order.

So, let’s have a quick look at those three subcategories:


Sex Toys for Girls

This subcategory under the category ‘For Her’ unveils the most astonishing vibrating dildos along with glass dildos, vibrating massagers and electro sextoys. There are so many types of vibrators like rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, luxury vibrators, music vibrators, and the list goes on.

The sex kit for girls is also not to be missed. This kit has multiple sex products for girls that would help them have some more fun during their naughty hours. 


Accessories for Girls

Who said toys are enough for girls to feel erotic? Keeping this thought in mind, we have introduced some hot accessories for girls. These accessories are meant to make women not only sexually attractive but also erotically happy.

While browsing this list, you will find interesting products like vibrating panties and steel rings. These female sex accessories would give girls that extra fun than what they usually enjoy.

Apart from these, the Silicone Breast ProsthesisNipple Vibrator and Breast Silicone Bra and Pad are some outstanding additions. These accessories are specifically for those girls who are willing to bust up their outward appearance.


Needs for Girls

Different girls have different sexual needs to meet, and Adultvibes is completely aware of it. In respect to the necessity for healthy sex life, we have brought some great products for women.

So, when you will browse this section, you will find products like artificial hymen and pussy pump. Where this hymen will save girls from their exposure to lost virginity, the pussy pump will take care of one’s vaginal health.

Similarly, the breast enlargement machine will pump up the female breast to a decent size while the GoGirl urinate device will ensure one to avoid peeing in public toilets. Check here for more such sex toys for women and order anyone from the comfort of your home.


Final Words

Adultvibes is always with you in responding to all your sexual needs. Try our products and you will get positive vibes to make your sex life worth living.

No matter where you are, for any assistance, just give us a call at +91 9681150748

Feel free to also email us at


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The Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump makes use of the UHF negative pressure pulse meant for breast enhancement technology. This technology is used in the medical profession for growing damaged organs, which includes new body growth after surgical resection. The fat cells in the breast will rapidly divide and grow after the 7200/second high-frequency oscillatory wave. At the same time, this negative pressure will help the grown breast fat cells fill the gap and make the breasts stay upright. Moreover, it plays a key role in prevention of breast cancer.


If you are a beginner and willing to use a sex kit, go for this Shock Therapy Electro Sex Kit for wild stimulations. It comes with an LCD screen where the user will be able to check the power control and intensity level. Moreover, one can choose from the 3 pre-programmed pulsation patterns and also receive electrical impulses by resting the pad on whichever part f the body one wishes. Depending on what one wishes to enjoy, be it a sensuous tingle or a throbbing tap, one single push of a button does everything. Apart from these, there are over 100 stimulation combinations to choose from that would result in unending enjoyment.


Menstrual Cup is made of 100% FDA & medical standard silicone and can be reused with time. It is a revolutionary product for ladies who can use it instead of spending on sanitary pads. Moreover, it is flexible and forms a gentle seal with your vaginal walls when inserted. This helps to preserve and collect your flow. The user can then pour the liquid down the loo and give the cup a quick clean before reusing it. The menstrual cup holds 30ml of liquid, which is three times more than tampons. In fact, you can wear it up to 12 hours in a day without any hassle.


Gogirl Pink Tube is an amazing alternative to visiting crowded and non-hygienic roadside bathrooms. It is a female urination device that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s not only neat but purely discreet and hygienic as well. What’s best is that it is very easy to use and fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. It’s a must for travel and sports as well as for everyday use. Made with flexible, medical grade silicone, it is absolutely harmless for the skin. The user can always dispose it after use or clean and reuse.


Experience wild sensations and unlimited pleasure followed by severe orgasms using the Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-vibrator. The uniquely designed vagina sucker and clit pump is a great pick in the section of sex toys for women. The delicate cup rests over the vagina and the vacuum is created by compressing the pump. This leads to heavy orgasm and strong vibrations. The increased sensitivity initiated by the vacuum is just awesome. What also makes it stand out is its multi-speed vibration feature resulting in. intense sensations. For more fun, it is best to use with a superior quality lubricant.


Power Breast Enlargement Pump will now make your breasts bigger and better. It makes use of vacuum and increases the chest muscles so as to promote blood circulation and direct reflex movement. In this process, the pituitary gland is stimulated to balance the ovaries to produce estrogen and keep the tiny breasts become full upright in the short term. This power breast enlargement pump has been medically tested as the most effective product for girls. Now buy this Power Breast Enlargement Pump and look more attractive than before.


The secret vibrating underwear for her.   The invincible erotic pleasure that any woman should own and wear. Buy this sexy – erotic underwear and ask her to wear it tonight over dinner. As you having wine, activate the string with the remote control. Female strapless underwear c string with remote controled vibration. Her pussy is in your hands now. Multi speed thrilling vibrations will go through her body. She will light up like a ball of fire in your arms. See her eyes go horny. Make dinner out, a sensation and a half. At work. Give her the string and ask her to wear it. As she types a letter, activate the string.   100 s of sexy erotic ideas to implement for this secret, between her legs, powerful weapon. Buy it now and let her beg you for wild sex.


Function: Butter Fly Dance Electro Sex Kit is a hi-tech muscle stimulator that works on the basis of electronic impulse. Here the impulses are sent to the body electronically that keep the muscles relaxed and sets you for a perfect erotic action.

Material: NA

Colour: Pink and Blue

Size: NA

Special feature: Multi-speed vibration, 6 electrical impulses, Easy to clean and clear displays

Battery: 2 AA batteries


Function: Experience the best of clitoral stimulations with this 3in1 Miniature Clitoris Sucker that will offer a complete massage on your genitals.

Material: Made of ABS and TPE, this clitoris sucker is strong and durable.

Colour: Pink and Black

Size: NA

Special feature: Multi-speed vibration and Easy to clean

Battery: 3 AA batteries


Momo - The Perfect Breast Enhancer is a brilliant breast enhancement machine that comes with seven different vibrating modes. Having pliable as well as comfortable breast cups, it has a superior suction design. Having made of good quality materials, it becomes extremely soft and supple. Powered by four AAA batteries, this breast enhancement has an ability to run for long hours. Wash it before and after every time before use with liquid, antibacterial soap and water. The length of the breast massager is 95 mm while its diameter is 74 mm. For safety, make sure not to allow it make contact with water.


Have a look at this amazingly stylish panty vibrator that comes in a leopard grain print. A remote control has been provided so that one can operate from even long distances. As far as its vibration speed is concerned, it is no doubt incredible. Made of net yarn material, it is absolutely non-toxic, safe and comfortable on the skin. Powered by two AA batteries, the remote control also lets the vibration volume increase or decrease. Available in various sizes, Leopard Green Panty Vibrator with remote control can now be ordered online at cheap prices.