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AdultVibes - No. 1 Store of Sex Toys In India’s

If you are heading to buy adult sex toys in India online, what is very important is to check whether it is reliable or not. So, if you are too dilemmatic about it, why not visit Adultvibes, which is currently India’s No. 1 sex toys store?


Journey Started with Sex Toys in India

It was the year 2009 when it stepped in with the intention to promote sexual wellness. This objective inspired them to introduce an astounding variety of adult sex toys in India for one and all. They came up with not only artificial toys but also erotic gadgets and accessories, which were no doubt innovative and safe as well. Today, Adultvibes sells high-quality and imported adult sex toys in India and is also preferred by a huge percentage of couples.

Shopping for Sex Toys in India made Easier

Adultvibes today has everything in its collection of adult sex toys in India right from dildos, vibrators and masturbators to cock rings, sex dolls, pussy pumps, lingerie and what not. This popular sex toy store in India has even got the most flexible shopping policies. One is Cash on Delivery that can be availed to order any product in his/her own city. The other payment policies include Debit/Credit card, Paytm, Direct Bank Deposit etc.


Safety & Discreet Delivery of Sex Toys in India Assured

The biggest aspect about shopping for online adult sex toys in India from Adultvibes is safety. Most of the online buyers today stay highly concerned whether buying sex toys online would be safe. In this respect, Adultvibes assures complete safety as it uses the most reliable payment schemes that involve no complications. Moreover, there are no third party interferences and the delivery is also kept discreet so that no one comes to know what’s there inside the package except the user.


Scenario of Sex Toys in India: Recent Reports

In a country where the population has touched 1.35 billion, the demand for adult accessories has been find to be exorbitant in the last few years. For being one among the most sexually active nations, India has recorded a major rise in the requirement of adult toys at various corners. Studies have shown that the highest number of buyers is from the state of Punjab where lubricants and other erotic products have got incredible sales figures.

Keeping Gujarat in the sixth position and Andhra Pradesh in the fifth position, the fourth position has been captured by Tamil Nadu. Recently, the Chennai customs department confirmed the doubling of imported products in the last two years while investigating at the airport. The third position has been taken over by West Bengal where the demand for lingerie and panties has been recorded to be the highest. Karnataka acquires the second place after keeping Maharashtra in the first position.

Although some parts of India are against accepting sex toys, especially for laws made by the government, users are rising in good numbers and progressing towards meeting their bodily desires through adult toys.

Moving outside India, the Asian countries have also been found to be in want of adult toys. Countries like China and Hong Kong have witnessed a striking demand for sex toys and till now, it has not died out. Instead, experts are having strong predictions that the number will rise high with time.


What does AdultVibes Assure to its users?

As a matter of fact, one just cannot buy anything from anywhere. A lot of factors depend like hygiene, health, safety, skin complications and more. AdultVibes makes it crystal clear that it doesn’t deal in used products. It has nothing to do with duplicity.

All what matters for this online sex toys store is assuring sexual wellness without harming anyone or creating complications in one’s relationship. This is a reason why AdultVibes deals in all sorts of products and not just toys.

The decision to use a sex toy is completely one’s own, and AdultVibes respects that. The range of dildo vibrators, pussy pumps, cock rings, penis enlargers etc. it sells are just for adding a bit of spice and energy to one’s life.

This online sex toys store in India doesn’t believe in any myths and is quite upfront in its dealings. It has no commercial intentions but what it aims at is helping out men and women become confident bed partners.

AdultVibes also deals on its own. To be precise, it doesn’t have any third party in between. Therefore, the products it sells are all authentic and exclusive. Earlier, a lot of users, especially couples have revived their relationships with several products here. Single men too have shown confidence towards lovemaking while the girls have learnt to make good use of their lonely hours.

Shopping from AdultVibes is, therefore, a superb experience, which you will feel after you shop from it. Visit Adultvibes today and order any adult sex toys in India you wish to get it delivered on the same day in your city.

Happy Shopping!