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Female Purse Vibrator is a mini-size vibrator for women who are willing to achieve orgasm at its best. Made of TPR or Thermoplastic Elastomers, Female Purse Vibrator is completely safe to use and ensures to bring long cozy sessions to the user. Purple in colour, it looks quite trendy and is sure to attract any woman. Compact in size, it is 4 inches long in total long out of which 3 inches can be inserted. For being small in size, it can be carried into small purses on the go. Among its special features, it has a multi-speed vibration that lets the user control the speed and effects of the device. Besides, the Female Purse Vibrator needs 2 AAA batteries to run for long hours. So, if you are willing to buy this Female Purse Vibrator, you will get it at a cheaper price at an online store.

Product: Female Purse Vibrator DV-004

Material: Silicone

Size: 4 inches long and 3 inches insertable

Colour: Purple

Batteries: 2 AAA

₹1,999.20Regular price-20%₹2,499.00Price

Function: If you are having a small penis and therefore, too worried about it, grab this Choco penis extender sleeve. It is made of pure quality silicone that makes it extremely smooth to wear. As a result, the user will feel comfortable on using the product. Designed in a chocolate shade, it has a compact size and is also light in weight. You can even use it during bathing as it is completely waterproof.

Material: Silicone

Colour: Chocolate

Size: 6 inches long and 2 inches in circumference Special

Feature: Waterproof


This awesome vibrator is a brilliant pick for all those who are willing to stay orgasmic all the time. For being made of silicone, it ensures no harm to the skin and has neither any side effect. Once you hold it in your hand, you will find it quite hard and smooth to play with. Since the remote control has been provided, it would let you customize the vibrations as per your choice. Moreover, you will get those vibrations right at the tip that will get you going. Measuring 8.5 inches in length, 1.9 inches in width, and 6.25 inches as insertable length, it would perfectly cater to your sexual needs. You will require two AA batteries to keep up this gadget running.

Product: Magic Silicone Vibrating Dildo DV-048

Category: Dildo Vibrator

Material: Silicone

Colour: Natural skin

Battery: 2 AA batteries


Take a look at this 10-inch long Realistic Vibrator that will now make your solo sessions completely satisfactory. It has a vibrant look as it is orange in colour and looks like a real penis. It has been given a perfect shape and design that makes it a perfect pick for women willing to have fun with themselves. Made of TPR, it assures safety for the user and involves no artificial chemical. Mr. Realist Vibrator has a multi-speed vibration feature. This lets one enjoy varying effects on her genitals. Also, it is waterproof that makes it safe to play in water. Having made of TPR material, it is quite safe and smooth to use. It comes with a suction cup and is a great addition to your list of sex toys. Buy Mr. Realist Vibrator online today and have super time with your partner.

Product: Mr. Realist Vibrator V2 RSV-027

Category:Realistic Vibrator

Colour: Orange

Material: TPR

Battery: 2 AA batteries


If it’s high time to make your wet dreams come true, go for this Male Stroker baby pussy vibrator. Made of TPR, it is soft, safe and quite smooth to insert. With an ass and pussy Male Stroker molded in a beer can, this warm and realistic vagina is 240 mm in length and 88 m in diameter. What makes it different from others is its interior that comprises a total of 10 pleasure pearls and would add more sensations to one’s genitals.


Function: The Super Natural Silicone Realistic Vibrator is a high-quality dildo that can be simply applied to the genitals. One can even apply lube on it before use.

Material: Super Natural Silicone Realistic Vibrator is made of Silicone and this makes it quite comfortable and safe to use.

Color: Natural pink Size: Being 9 inches long, Super Natural Silicone Realistic Vibrator has other sizes that go up to 12 inches.

Special feature: Supporting multi-speed vibration, the Super Natural Silicone Realistic Vibrator will bring a sensational effect on one’s genitals.

Battery: Super Natural Silicone Realistic Vibrator runs on two AA batteries.



Take a look at this Strap On - Vibrator with Attached Vagina that would now give both the genders ultimate pleasure to make love to each other. With a realistic cock of perfect size and ball strap made of rubber, it would give users the advantage to takes pleasures in multiple ways. Just like it would play a key role in vaginal penetration, it also brings on an erected penis that would result in orgasm. So, whether you are willing to penetrate your girl hard or make your man highly orgasmic, this product will make everything possible.


Here comes the Passion Flirting BDSM Kit that will bring you everything you need to make your session more erotic and fantastic. The kit comprises a leather whip, a pair of goggles, a mouth ball gag, a hand cuff, a necklace cuff and a flirt whip. All these products are made of brilliant quality materials that result in complete satisfaction for the user. So, instead of buying products separately, you can get this kit and get multiple products all from one pack. Imagine how excited your partner gets when he/she comes across this product.


Tighten and shrink, TPR Color: Same as picture Penetrate this fantastic masturbator from behind and discover an amazing tight ass just waiting for you to sink your manhood deep inside! Soft, tight and sensational beyond belief, this realistic masturbator is even better than the real thing. Includes a tight hole and delightfully textured inside for extra stimulation and powerful penetration. Made from real-skin, a new ultra-realistic skin material that is soft, fleshy and very easy to take care of. This knee-wobblingly good masturbator provides you incredibly soft, realistic pleasure and means that your solo sessions will never be the same again! Get one of our recommended bullets and slide it into the back of the sleeve for the best experience ever.


The Bullet Vibrator 2 in 1 has been designed with amazing vibration modes so as to provide erotic massages to the sensitive areas inside and outside of women. Having intended towards bringing multiple stimulations, this gadget brings remarkable effects and lets one reach orgasm so quick. It is easy to use and has a compact design. The most interesting aspect about this product is that you can enjoy its effects while travelling or on the road or at work. There is a red indicator light to let you know the level of vibration frequencies. So anywhere you go, this 2 in 1 Bullet Vibrator will bring you loads of pleasure.


The experience of playing with a dildo is now going to be best with the help of this Apollo Silicone dildo. With a total length of 8.5 inches, it is absolutely pleasurable to penetrate inside the vagina. Made of good quality TPR or Thermoplastic Elastomer, it is high on safety and stays soft against the skin. It has a natural skin colour that makes it look like a real penis. What makes it special is its multi-vibration mode that lets users enjoy multiple sensations and become orgasmic. To stay high on power, it runs on two AAA batteries. As it is made of good quality silicone, it is absolute safe and easy to maintain as well. So, if you are willing to buy an Apollo Silicone dildo, just go online and get it one for making your nights special.

Product Apollo Silicone Dildo DV-018

Material: TPR

Size: 8.5 inches long

Colour: Naturalskin

Batteries: 2 AAA


Function: What can be more passionate than anal play in love-making? To make the play more interesting, here comes an outstanding product, which is the Crystal Anal Plug Butt. As the name suggests, this device is to be placed inside one’s butt for extreme pleasure. Although it comes without a vibrator, it is effective enough to tickle one’s butt and stimulate one’s sensation. It is quite compact in size that makes it easier to use. Also, it is waterproof that gives you the advantage to use it under the shower. Made of silicone, it is extremely soft and easy to clean as well.

Material: Silicone

Colour: Purple

Size: Length is 14 cm, top diameter is 1.4 cm and Max diameter is 4.1 cm

Special feature: Waterproof

Battery: NA.