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Sex Toys in Kolkata: For the earlier period, we can see the swift changes happening throughout the earth. People are scheduling for a better lifestyle with each flying day. That’s why the work stress has also increased by manifolds which brings pressure along with it. However, the use of sex toys in Kolkata has helped people to have some hours of leisure in a busy life.

Kolkata is a very popular city in India as it is a city of joy. People from all over India come here and live here for various works. So, to have a smash from monotony and stress they are using mature toys with eagerness. They are giving an example for the other people from this country.


The Online Store in Sex Toys in Kolkata

The standard of livelihood has changed with time and all people who love to shop have a different option. Yes, both men and women like the new ways of shopping i.e. shopping online. They liked the method and so in the case of adult toys, they are fond of online stores. So, the sex toys in Kolkata are grabbing the attention of a lot of people.

An order can be placed easily and user-friendly. Just visit the website and buy any toy directly from the categories. Even our customer care sector will help you in case you fail to book it yourself. A verification call will go from our end before processing.


Male Sex Toys in Kolkata

Men are always enthusiastic and enjoy the attention. They show a special level of energy in every field. So, in the case of private moments, they want the same amount of enjoyment and pleasure. Adult toys are the right option that makes the private hours quite pleasing in many ways.

The various toys and accessories present under the male sex toys in Kolkata, help to have a wonderful life for all the boys. From various age groups, men want multiple toys. They are placing an order from every corner of the city.

Let’s see various mature toys below:


Silicone Love Doll

Men are never going to say no to the unavoidable appeal of a silicone love doll. These sex dolls are alluring with their soft and realistic body parts. Men will have fun stroking these dolls since they have soft and smooth vaginas. Hence, a silicone love doll is a wise investment for men. The silicone love dolls are just like real girls with hot body parts and genitals. After playing with her, she can be cleaned with soapy water without any hassle.


Cock Ring

Nothing matches a cock ring when it comes to getting a quicker erection. It is worn on the penis to sensitize it and give men no time to harden it up. It is small in size and easy to wear. Our online store has a great variety of cock rings for men who are in want of an erection. The cock rings are saviors for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Here the penis fails to get hard and this results in poor performance. So, the cock ring saves the day by creating sensations in the penis, making it harder.


Boys Sex Kit

The boys’ sex kit is a compact set of sex toys for men. In this kit, various types of adult accessories would give men the confidence to perform in bed. This benefits the user in getting multiple items in one place and eliminating the idea of buying sex accessories separately. In these kits, one will come across products like penis extender sleeves, extenders, and more. All of these are beneficial for men in their sex life.


Penis Extender Sleeve

Penis sleeves are an incredible thing for men. These are like condoms that men wear to extend the girth and length of their penis. As these are made of silicone, they are comfortable to wear and do not cause any unpleasant feelings on the male genitals. Different sleeves are available in different sizes. It all depends on the length of the penis. Accordingly, one has to find the size to stay comfortable. Experts say that penis extender sleeves are among the safest measures for penis enlargement.

Men Sex Toys in Kolkata

Female Sex Toys in Kolkata

Women have proper ideas about tackling situations more efficiently. Similarly, the women of Kolkata are also capable of dealing with techniques and plans at every condition with equal proficiency. So, the female sex toys in Kolkata are superb and provide ultimate pleasure. It acts as a stress-buster too.

All over this city women from all age groups are happy and placing orders. From all ends, we are getting orders. This proves the modernized thinking of women from Kolkata.

Let’s see the unique mature toys below:


Steel ring

If you want labial stimulations, the steel ring would be a wise idea to go with. These rings are for creating stimulations in the female genitals and making women orgasm like nothing. Many women wear these during solo play to take their experience to the next level. Just wear the steel ring and you are sure to experience orgasm at its best. Let your genitals shake this time and arouse you to no end.


Fun Vibrator

The combination of fun and vibration is beyond words. To make this come true, the fun vibrator is here to keep girls at the edge of thrills. These vibrators come in different shapes, resembling objects of daily use. Girls in couples prefer playing with these vibrators for doubling the fun. Lovemaking and having fun are the best things one can imagine in bed. So, when choosing a vibrator, the fun vibrator will be the ideal pick.


Glass Dildo

The degree of satisfaction which a girl gets from a glass dildo is just unmatched. These dildos use Pyrex material that looks similar to glass. However, it is a superior material in strength as it can be heated to some extent. Hence, women can use these for a heated orgasm. With a glass dildo, a woman can expect to have an extreme orgasm like what she expects out of solo play. Although these dildos have no vibrations, they assure satisfaction to the next level.


Breast Enlargement Machine

Women are always aware of how they should present themselves in public. To help them look good and attractive, the breast enlargement machine will be a perfect choice. These are safe to use and leave a positive effect on the breasts, making them look natural. The next time a woman plans to extend the size of her breast, she can always use this machine for positive results. Safe, effective, and functional, the breast enlargement machine is not going to disappoint women.

Women Sex Toys in Kolkata

Couple Sex Toys in Kolkata

Every lover wants to make private hours a bit special. So, to make it more enjoyable the mature toys are brilliant. All the categories present for lovers have brilliant toys and accessories that reignite the lost fun once again. As life revolves around various works people are mainly frustrated with it. Hence, the couple's sex toys in Kolkata are an awesome option for all the lovebirds.

It has been found that lovers are happy to introduce mature toys that solved the problem of boredom. Communication improves a lot between the partners as well. Mature toys are the best to cure intimate issues as well.

The popular mature toys are:



Bondage sex has a rocking concept where couples entertain each other through different accessories. Hence, this section includes amusing toys and accessories that let couples keep playing with fun and pleasure. These toys are impactful and perfect for role play. For instance, there are leather whips with which the male partner can smack his girl out of passion. The chastity lock device zips off the user’s mouth while he/she takes sexual pleasure. In this way, many more bondage sex toys in Kolkata deserve attention.


Anal Dildo

Playing with an anal dildo is just out of the world. On using these toys, couples stay safe and enjoy playing with no fears. Many couples do not proceed with anal sex due to the fear of getting hurt. Even some users say they hesitate while pushing their penis into the anus. But with an anal dildo, these challenges are not to come anymore. These dildos are exclusive and aim at making anal sex good and pleasant.



Couples know how to keep each other happy in bed. The idea of bringing a strap-on is commendable for those partners who would like stroking each other for fun. Yes, the female partner can also wear a strap-on on her waist and enjoy thrusting her man. In other words, this is such a sex accessory that lets couples shower their naughtiness on each other. Our online sex toy store, Adultvibes keeps a fine range of strap-ons at the best prices.


App Control Vibrator

The app control vibrator is a wonderful thing for couples. This is not an ordinary vibrator but a magical one that connects two people who stay apart from each other. Small in size, these vibrators need Bluetooth and app support that let couples have fun unlimited. Once the connectivity is active, the partners connect, and the action begins. The girl has to keep the device on her clitoris and the man needs to operate as per his choice.

Couple Sex Toys in Kolkata

Final Words

Well, you know by now how your sex life can take the right turn to happiness and satisfaction. Adultvibes is home to all adult toys and accessories for men, women, and couples. So, if you want to meet your sexual needs, our online sex toys store will help you by all means. We have sales executives who will always guide you in the right manner. Besides, we will always help you buy sex toys in Kolkata, no matter in which part of the city you stay. So, keep shopping from Adultvibes and make life wonderful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy sex toys in Kolkata online?

The best way to buy sex toys in Kolkata online is to visit Adultvibes. It is India’s first online sex toys store that sells world-class adult products. One can order directly from the website or call the customer care department for order placement. No matter where one is, he will get the delivery at his address.

Is cash on delivery available for buying sex toys in Kolkata?

Yes, one can order sex toys in Kolkata at Adultvibes and pay through cash on delivery. The delivery made through CODs takes 24 hours. It is a very convenient mode of payment and is preferred by online buyers.

Can I get sex toys for couples who are new to playing?

Adultvibes takes pleasure in keeping adult toys and accessories for couples. Those who are easy with toys and also newlyweds can order sex toys for couples in Kolkata. Anal dildos, app-controlled vibrators, strap-ons, and more are available for couples.

What is the time of delivery for sex toys in Kolkata?

The time taken to deliver an order for sex toys in Kolkata is 2 to 3 business days. For orders taken in cash, the delivery is given within 24 hours. If there are any emergencies, delivery time may be delayed.