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Happiness Has a New Meaning with Sex Toys in Bangalore


Sex Toys in Bangalore: Has buying sex toys in Bangalore been a bit tough for you? No worries if you have faced hardships for this. Anyone 18 or above can buy adult toys in Bangalore from home. So, it is here that Adultvibes, the first online sex toys store in India, comes into play to make things look easy. You take your couch, open your laptop or phone, visit the site, and place your order.


About Bangalore

Bangalore counts among the most well-planned and busiest cities in India. Whether you are a career enthusiast or wish to relocate, this place will always be on your list of favorites. Even if you talk about the sex toy market here, it’s booming, and you cannot deny this.

Apart from this, the city is known to allure people from all walks of life. Whether it’s work, vacation, or food, Bangalore is always at the forefront. On top of this, Adultvibes is doing an incredible job of assuring sexual wellness in the lives of men and women. With a wide range of adult toys and accessories, we will help everyone have a pleasant sex life.


Why Choose Us?

Adultvibes is India’s no. 1 and first online sex toys store operating for over a decade. We have been selling sex toys all over India and have created a long chain of customers. Today, our online sex toys store in India has over 1300 products for men, women, and other genders.

Apart from these factors, here are a few reasons why one should choose Adultvibes to shop for sex toys in Bangalore. Have a look:


Unique Range of Products

Adultvibes preserves not only a fine range of sex toys but keeps unique ones too. From exclusive vibrators to trendy masturbating toys and realistic sex dolls to anal beads, we have all sorts of naughty stuff and erotic accessories. Men, women, and couples will have a good time shopping from our online sex toys store in Bangalore.


Top-Quality Products

We sell products of the highest quality and never bring used products to our customers. Our products are made of skin-friendly materials so that the users do not face any skin complications. The products are all toxic-free and assure safety in your sex life.


Discreet Delivery

The best way to build trust for your customers is to maintain their confidentiality. Adultvibes does this with perfection. We make sure to deliver packages with no names of the product. Only the contact details of the customer will be there on the package. We do this to let customers sustain their privacy so that no other person comes to know about it.


COD Process Sex Toys in Bangalore


Safe and Flexible Payments

Every payment mode we have is safe and flexible. We keep cash on delivery, debit/credit card, and UPI gateways like Paytm, Payumoney, Phonepe, Gpay, etc. So, these modes of payment are all safe and flexible. Whichever payment mode is convenient, one can opt for it.


Why Male Sex Toys in Bangalore are so Classy?

Men from Bangalore enjoy the spotlight at both the workplace and home. There are not ready to compromise in their private life also. They need an equal amount of attention, priority, and fun. But the progressive world makes them stressed and depressed as well. Hence, male sex toys in Bangalore are getting popularity. Men are in love with the collection of toys on our website. From every corner of Bangalore, men are buying multiple types of mature toys. Both single and married men are placing orders without any doubt. People between 24 and 46 are purchasing a bit more than the rest.

Let’s have a look at our male sex toys in Bangalore:


Spider Sower Masturbator

A man would love to enjoy a solo play like anything. Here comes the spider sower masturbator that makes men crazy like anything. These masturbating toys come with a soft-skin vagina for smoother penetration. Trendy in look, these male masturbation sex toys come with an ergonomic grip that eases men to penetrate.


Male Stroker

Men have plenty of toys to play with and make their life worthwhile. The male stroker is one of those sex toys for men that would make their erotic dreams come true. These adult products come in silicone bodies that promise men the pleasure to cuddle and have fun.


Cock Ring

Some rings are always special for men. The cock ring is such a sex accessory that brings men the power to have a quicker erection. This is where the men who fall prey to erectile dysfunction find a cock ring helpful. Wearing these rings, men feel the sensations on their penis and turn excited.


Silicone Love Doll

A silicone love doll is a mind-blowing doll that looks so real and erotic. As the name says, she is wrapped in silicone and promises men unmatched pleasure in bed. Men can squeeze them, play with their privates, and enjoy satisfaction to the next level. Give the silicone love doll to a man, and he will never look back.


Men Sex Toys in Bangalore


What makes the Female Sex Toys in Bangalore so Desirable to All?

Women staying in Bangalore are very modern and have up-to-date thinking. Women are happy to find a nice collection of toys for them. All the toys are unique and made up of skin-friendly materials. Every day more girls are purchasing various toys and accessories from them at our online sex toys store in Bangalore. This is why the female sex toys in Bangalore are popular among girls. Women all over the city are showing genuine interest in trying various toys. Both married and unmarried women are buying mature toys enthusiastically. Girls between 23 and 45 are giving good responses than the rest.

Here is a look at our female sex toys in Bangalore:


Steel Ring

Girls keep trying different things to stimulate their clitoris. The steel ring is such a sex accessory that lets women enjoy orgasmic sensations. These rings are safe to wear and do not affect the comfort level. Girls find these rings easy to put on and enjoy accordingly.


Vibrating Panty

Panties are common but the vibrating panty is something extraordinary. These erotic undergarments keep women on the verge of excitement all the time. They find these comfortable to wear and work as they do daily. In the midst of these, the action happens.


Glass Dildo

There is no doubt that women love playing alone. So, when you give them a glass dildo, they will go nuts over it. These dildos come in borosilicate bodies and are, therefore, safe for heating. On heating the dildo, it becomes easy to insert and stimulate the female genitals.


G Spot Vibrator

One of the things that make women happy is when they get what they want. Getting the G-spot is a challenge for many but when they touch it, they find bliss. The G-spot vibrator is an amazing sex toy for women that assure orgasm to the highest level.


Women Sex Toys in Bangalore


How Lovers are Benefitting from the Couple Sex Toys in Bangalore?

Lovers from Bangalore are having a positive mindset. They like new sensations in their private life by using multiple toys. The couples are happily buying various mature toys from our online sex toys store in Bangalore. The extraordinary toys are also skin-friendly. So, the couple sex toys in Bangalore are everyone’s favorite. The partners from every nook and corner of the city are placing orders. Both the new and old couples are thrilled to have so many trendy toys. But the average age group of 25-48 is at the top.

The most-liked toys and accessories in this section are:


Delay Spray

Worry not if you are one of those men ejaculating quicker than normal. The delay spray will do magic as it desensitizes the tip of your penis and holds onto your ejaculation. As these sprays comprise natural ingredients, men find these safe to apply and perform.


Anal Dildo

Anal sex is safe and not harmful unless you take the initiative to keep it gentle. The anal dildo plays a crucial role in this. When one inserts a dildo into the partner’s anal area, there might be pain or discomfort. But an anal dildo will assure comfort and safety. So, if you are going for anal sex, get the anal dildo.


App Controlled Vibrator

Long-distance relationships are a bit challenging to sustain. But with an app-controlled vibrator, this will not be the case. These vibrating sex toys in Bangalore are compact and carry huge power to excite a woman. Taking an app-controlled vibrator is sure to bring positive results in long-distance relationships.


Herbal Sexy Products

Herbal sexy products carry the highest powers, whether you wish to enhance your sexual ability or stay healthier. The herbal adult products we have here are all safe and effective to use. These products comprise such components that are natural, skin-friendly, and impactful.


Couple Sex Toys in Bangalore


Which 5 Sex Toys in Bangalore are topping the list of favorites?

There are various types of toys in each section. However, there are five adult toys that are always my favorite. Let’s see them:


Rabbit Vibrator

Women who enjoy stimulation and vibes will love this toy. The long and flexible body is awesome and touches the right area perfectly. These vibrators are known for dual stimulation and give women pure pleasure in bed. During solo play, a woman will find it blissful to take a rabbit vibrator alongside. With multiple settings and multi-speed vibrations, the rabbit vibrator brings women orgasmic vibes like anything. These vibrators can also be used during foreplay.


Luxury Vibrator

Girls love when they get something luxurious to enjoy, whether it’s a car or a sex toy. The luxury vibrator is one such female sex toy with an elegant look and gives women the pleasure to have fun out of sophistication. These vibrating toys are safe to use and very popular among girls between 25 and 32. What these vibrators are known for are their look and style.


Big Artificial Vagina

The big artificial vagina is the perfect sex toy for men who wish to experience pure happiness while stroking. It comes in a silicone body and a realistic vagina. Men can stroke it with happiness. Men who wish to experience the fun of playing with a lifelike vagina will love having the big artificial vagina. One can lube up the vaginal opening and enjoy stroking to no end.


Penis Extender Sleeve

There are several magical sex accessories for men that aim at keeping them sexually happy. This penis extender sleeve acts as a shield on the penis and makes it bigger in length and girth. It is easy to wear just like a man wears a condom. Also, it takes no effort to clean as it comes in a silicone body. This sex accessory comes in different sizes, which men can use at their convenience.



This kit is classy and pleasure-giving. It contains various items that make your bedroom experience erotic. These kits comprise multiple erotic items that make bondage sex special. With these BDSM items in one pack, couples will try different experiments on each other. Bondage sex is all about eroticism, and the BDSM kit will make it better. Whether you wish to whack your girl with a leather whip or restrict your man with the chastity lock device, partners will have fun with these products.


Final Thoughts

So, you can see how eroticism can be a part of your daily life with our sex toys in Bangalore. Wherever you are in India, Adultvibes will respond to all your queries and problems in no time. You can visit the store and pick your desired products to meet your sexual needs.

Adultvibes promises flawless service along with top-class products for one and all. Those who are 18 or above will, therefore, find it beneficial to shop here. The products here are all safe and would keep your sex life up and going. So, keep your sexual needs ready and get ready to play.