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What you will love here is browsing the varying categories of sex toys in India. Be it those life like sex dolls that have been designed to make men go crazy with their soft bodies, or those powerful clitoral massagers to make women have a quicker orgasm, Adult Vibes has every possible sex toys in India. Shopping from this old and well-known sex toy seller will never leave you in a state of disappointment.

A lot of men and women lead bad sex lives. Some take initiatives to make it better by investing a lump sum while some prefer going for surgeries. However, the best and safest way to ensure a fantastic sex life is to use high-quality sex toys.


Sex Toys in India are Playing their Top Roles Online

The online stores are doing an excellent job in bringing such sex toys in India that would make people enjoy their sex life like anything. For instance, dildo vibrators can prove to be effective for foreplays while anal plugs can be great for anal plays. There are also attractant sprays that would let partners seduce each other through the fragrance from each other’s body. All these sex toys in India are of high quality and would cause any harm on your body.


Sex Toys in India: A Few Customer Reviews

Based on the experiences of customers, AdultVibes would like to bring some product reviews in forefront. These reviews on Adult sex toys in India are genuine and would help readers know which products have made an impact in people’s lives:


Realistic Vibrators Bring the Real Experience

Loved by women and praised by girls between 22 and 25, these vibrators have received superb responses. Most of these sex toys in India are made of silicone, rubber, crystal bodies and such materials that are absolutely harmless for the skin.

The one with rotating dick, the super ribbed one, the double penetrator and the one with curved jelly body have left a good number of women satisfied and happy. Even the double dongs have been good enough to help lesbians enjoy orgasms at the same time.

The common thing that has been talked about these realistic sex toys in India is their powerful vibrating effects. Some have felt the G-spot sensations like anything while some have taken extreme pleasure in clitoral massages unlike what their men had failed in doing till date.


App Control Vibrators Steal the Show

If there exists anything that can save long distance relationships, it’s the app control vibrator. Modern, innovative and high-tech, these erotic sex toys in India are creating bulletins in the lives of 21st century couples. The smartphone users have benefitted the most from these gadgets.

To be precise, an app control vibrator has a huge fun element according to users. Some say that it is awesome when you can feel your genitals getting touched by your partner whom you are not able to see. Other users have said that the experience is so different from the contemporary vibrators. No effort, absolutely painless and all one needs is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

The online sex toys store, AdultVibes has been really surprised with its increasing users making this product a rage among other sex toys in India. A lot of couples have appreciated about its powerful effects as well as its ability to communicate between two users.


Fleshlight Masturbators – Dream Come True for Men

When you see your fantasies coming true with your own eyes, nothing doubles your happiness. Fleshlight masturbators are now making men achieve every bit of satisfaction. In other words, watching a porn star and craving her body has now been made possible with these outstanding masturbating sex toys in India.

According to users, these sex toys in India have actually given men the joy of stroking a porn star. Some men have even tried to taste but most of them have expressed bliss after those harder penetrations. Even there are users who have been masturbating 5 times a day with Fleshlight.

The manufacturers here have done a superb job in shaping out the right vaginal look in these male sex toys in India. Consequently, men are taking them as real vaginas of porn stars which they actually are, and hence the satisfaction. 

Cock Rings – Powering Up Male Assets

Men look good when they wear rings. But when one wears cock rings, he is transported to a world of passion blended with confidence. This is what a good number of men have felt after owning this product.

As per some users, cock rings have taught their penises to stay erect and strong. In terms of use, it hasn’t got anything negative since most have been impressed with its comfort.

Likewise, there are interesting reviews on other sex toys at AdultVibes. So, unless you are making real use of these sex toys, you will never feel their essence. Try it to believe it!!