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If you think that sex toys are only confined to dildos and vibrators, you are wrong. India’s oldest online sex toy store, Adult Vibes, now brings brand new, innovative, feature-rich Gay Toys, Vagina Toy, Penis Toys and other Couples Toys In India at a low price.

If you are one among them planning to upgrade your erotic toy collection, believe it or not, this is the most creative store where you can get your favourite adult Gay toys in India at the best price. Just name your product and you will get one here.

Online Adult Sex Toys Company in India – At a Glance

The collection of adult sex toys  here at Adult Vibes includes Magic Crystal Sex Kit that comprises a brilliant compilation of penis extender sleeves and cock rings. Apart from this, the Remote Jump Egg Vibrator is a great option to consider. It is a very powerful vibrator that comes in a mini size.

The Rotation Lover Vibrating Massager is another new-age gadget that has been designed to let women enjoy sensual massages along with active vibrations. To buy these adult products in India, Adult Vibes will help you shop within your budget.

Why Artificial Hymen is Noteworthy among Adult Products in India?

AdultVibes even has the answer to all those who ask how to revive their virginity. This online sex toys store has been doing an awesome job of bringing such products that would bring on a massive change in one’s life.

Where men had been dealing with problems like erectile dysfunction, women had been fighting to improve their orgasmic abilities. But with these adult toys in India like desensitizers, cock rings, bullet vibrators etc., things are taking good shape.

What’s actually making online adult sex toys in India popular?

Experts have found out that a good percentage of women are not happy with their male partners. It’s either due to undersized genitals or due to lack of sensual urge. Here the adult Fun toys in India are wisely filling the gap, especially the ones available online. So, let’s find out what have made sex toys special:

  • Strengthening the effects – If you browse AdultVibes, you will be surprised to find amazing variations among the online adult sex toys in India. For instance, dildos are divided into vibrator and non-vibrator enabled.

The vibrating dildos come with powerful motors that are made to bring strong stimulating effects on the genitals, which a bare hand fails. Afterall, these are machines, and are therefore much stronger.

  • Imitating the real look – Sex toys would never had been so popular if the manufacturers had failed to bring out the exact look of male and female genitals. In fact, these adult sexy Products in India are made so realistic that men and women are just clinging on to these with no complaints at all.

For example, fleshlight masturbators are made with originally shaped vaginas of porn stars and this is what makes these adult sex toys in India stand out. Similarly, a rabbit vibrator designed just like a human male penis but comes with a shaft for stimulations.

  • Discreet access – No one would like to be seen publicly holding a glass dildo in hand. If not this, one would always tend to hide himself from being caught entering a sex toy store. This is where the online store takes away the credit.

You sit with your smartphone or laptop anywhere, visit an online sex toy store, keep browsing through almost unlimited products, place the order and you are done.

AdultVibes in this respect assures discreet delivery of adult sex toys in India, which means that the box it would deliver would not have anything written on it. So, you are not only safe but you are getting the product right at your doorstep.

Despite, a lot of people today are skeptical about the usage of sex toys in their daily life. Some believe these are harmful, some think these might hamper real relationships and some think these are used by high society people. Well, these are myths and nothing else.

AdultVibes being India’s oldest sex toys store today sells all such adult sex toys in India that help not only couples unite but also give singles a new strength, a new assurance and a new way to achieve self-satisfaction without harming anyone or ruining the other person’s reputation for meeting lusty needs.

Remember, sex toys will always help you keep the fire burning inside. So, make good use of these products and never cause harm to others.