Drop-shipping for Retailers

Exclusive Drop-shipping Offers for Retailers

Welcome to adultvibes,one of India’s popular adult toys stores where you can now avail our drop-ship services. In this respect, we have a few offers for all sellers who want to deliver goods to customers through us.

  •          Sellers can courier their products to us in bulk or wholesale and we will drop-ship the same to their targeted customers
  •          Those who will courier their products to us for selling must know about all our terms and conditions and accept them
  •          Our procedures and policies are very simple and do not include any hidden charges
  •          There will be an agreement made between us and the seller based on which the transactions will be initiated
  •          We will accept only a specific quantity of our choice from the seller
  •          We will fix the price based on the quantity we will be drop-shipping

 Contact us today if you are interested to avail our drop-ship services.

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