Titan gel Penis Enlarger PEC-012
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Titan gel Penis Enlarger PEC-012

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Men can now get rid of their daily tensions as to how the penis size can be stretched and also how one can delay his ejaculation. Here comes a super effective penis enlargement cream that will take care of the penile actions and make men capable to keep their female partners happy and satisfied in bed. Also, it would play a key role in delaying one’s ejaculation and stretch the duration of performance. This Titan penis enlargement cream has been formulated with very powerful ingredients that would fetch positive results in keeping the user strong and orgasmic. Fragrance free, stain free, paraben free and deposit free, the Titan penis enlarger is composed of Succinic and Hyaluronic acids along with natural extracts of strawberry fruit and Verbena. As a result, it is absolutely safe and skin-friendly.

As far as the mode of application for using a Titan Gel Penis Enlarger is concerned, it is to be taken twice per day – once in the morning after a shower and once in the evening after cleaning up the penis. Apply a little quantity by covering the entire penis length. Once done with the application, wait for the entire area to absorb, which might take a few more minutes. The Titan Penis Enlargement Gel can be used with vacuum pumps, penis sleeve extenders and even while doing penis enlargement exercises. This would help the user stay smooth and flexible.

Product: Titan Gel Penis Enlarger

Category: Penis Enlargement Cream

Capacity: 50 ml

250 lb
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