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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Suvo G.
Brilliant, I am impressed with this toy!!
My life is changed as I have the perfect toy that can make our role play better. This strap-on is a hollow, long, vibrating one that is soft enough to enjoy. The vibrating dildo makes us both reach the ultimate climax point without making any further late. I am fascinated with the belt that is adjustable.
Moderated on 03/16/2023.
Purnima D.
A dotted vibrator is fantastic
I have the pleasure of playing with a dotted vibrator that looks amazing and gives limitless fun. It goes deep and triggers my naughty feelings. I love the pink color of the toy that is washable and can be reused again and again for deriving pleasure.
Moderated on 03/16/2023.
Koushiki K.
Such a lovely stick
This fluorescent colour stick has stolen my heart. It gives me unmatched level of pleasure making the moments highly erotic. The long toy provides smooth insertion. It scores high in quality at such a low price.
Moderated on 03/16/2023.
Nayana H.
A red curvy toy is wonderful
I am just delighted to share my thoughts with this brilliant red curvy toy. It has a perfect way of stimulating the right spot and gives me muscle spasm without much effort. I can carry this toy to any place and get limitless pleasure.
Moderated on 03/16/2023.
Sipra M.
Hits perfectly
I ordered this toy few days ago and got it delivered to my doorstep. It is such a piece of wonder that it never fails to give me wild orgasmic pleasure. The toy is durable and easy to clean.
Moderated on 03/16/2023.
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Adultvibes – The Top-Rated Online store for Sex Toys in India

Our Journey Started in 2009

Sex Toys in India: Adultvibes started 13 years back in a small room with unique sex toys online in India. We had a handful of staff and gradually projected our services across India. Being the first online sex store in India, we wanted to help people by making them realize the meaning of sexual wellness.

We chose to deal with sex toys in India to help people lead happy sex life. Hence, we include only those adult products in India that would play a huge role in satisfying people in bed.

Quality, variety, and functionality are the three words that we keep in mind here at Adultvibes. Even in preference, we keep everyone in the same line, be it men, women, or couples.


What is so Special about Our Online Sex Toys Store in India?

Adultvibes keep everything smooth for sex toy buyers. We are one of the best online sex toys store in India. We take the pleasure of accepting orders through call, email, or WhatsApp. Apart from adult toys, we have different sex accessories of matchless quality.

Besides, here are a few reasons why Adultvibes is a great shopping destination for adult products in India:


Quality is Never a Compromise

Whether it’s toys for kids or adults, quality is what we never compromise. We keep products of silicone, TPR, glass, and other skin-friendly materials. The advantage of playing with sex toys in India is that these never cause harm to the genitals.


Variety is Never a Question

One of the biggest attractions of an online store is its variety. Our online sex store in India has the ideal type that one would like to go for. Girls, boys, partners, and everyone would find something or the other. Now, you can shop here for products like penis rings, silicone dolls, male strokers, and more among our sex toys in India.


Price is Never a Concern

Nothing would let you burn a hole in your pocket while shopping with us. Our adult toys store in India has easy products in the bag. Whether sex toys for men, women or a couple, our online sex store in India will help you shop within your means.


Shopping is Never a Challenge

Shopping is the most hassle-free and enjoyable activity. Adultvibes brings a similar experience to all its buyers. We not only have convenient modes of shopping but also ensure safety at its best. Communicating with us is easy as we include calling, emailing, or messaging through WhatsApp.


What are the Best Sex Toys at Adultvibes?

Adultvibes holds both name and fame for being the premium online adult sex toys shop in India. Currently, it houses more than 1400 products. Each product is of superior quality and assures to leave users elated and satisfied in bed.

So, here are some top sex toys in India as per the search results of adult toy buyers in the last ten months. Have a look:


Bullet Vibrator

Small things leave a more significant impact, and so is the bullet vibrator. Yes, it is one of the most popular female sex toys in India. Adultvibes preserves some high-quality bullet vibrators to make women happy and content. The vibrating motor inside the gadget is high in power and delivers acute vibrations for extreme orgasmic pleasure.

Top Features of a Bullet Vibrator
  • Promises extreme orgasm
  • Stimulates the G-spot well
  • Great for first timers
  • Easy to carry in purses


Vibrating Massager

Massages are pure bliss, and when they come through vibrations, they take you to Cloud 9. These sex toys for females at Adultvibes are out of the world and leave users fully orgasmic. These massaging sex toys in India are of top quality and make solos exciting.

Top Features of a Vibrating Massager
  • Easy to grip and use
  • Hits the G-spot
  • Stimulates the clitoris in no time
  • Safe to use


Male Stroker

It’s normal to masturbate. However, it feels so heavenly when it comes to doing the same with a male stroker. These sex toys are realistic and designed for men to let them enjoy penetration. So, the next time a man desires to masturbate, a male stroker would promise him double the satisfaction. These masturbating sex toys in India are a perfect substitute for stereotyped masturbation, that is, the use of hands.

Top Features of a Male Stroker
  • It looks like a realistic vagina
  • Smooth to penetrate
  • Made of soft-skin silicone
  • Strokes without hindrances


Rabbit Vibrator

Just tease a rabbit, and you will know why it is so lovable to play. However, our rabbits vibrator are wilder and safer at the same time. These vibrating adult toys in India are perfect for women who wish to get naughtier in bed.

Top Features of a Rabbit Vibrator:
  • Quicker orgasm
  • Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • It makes no noise during use
  • Smooth settings



Couples have a lot of stuff to play with each other. But with gay sex toys for a couple, like a strap-on, things can turn so exciting. The strap-on is a harness-based dildo that aims at making couples go wild with each other. Our online sex store in India brings these fantastic sex toys for couples and strapless ones.

Top Features of Strap-on
  • Apt for both the partners
  • It comes with a dildo for penetration
  • Adjustable harness
  • Popular among lesbian couples


Vibrating Panty

Have you ever thought of wearing a vibrating panty while doing your household chores? Our online sex store in India brings you the most incredible erotic accessory that would leave women highly orgasmic. Clitoral stimulation is best when you wear the vibrating panty. One can wear it just like a usual undergarment and enjoy the tickles.

Top Features of vibrating panty
  • Controlled by remote
  • Use anytime, anywhere
  • easy to carry 
  • No noise, only pleasure


App Control Vibrator

If you are looking forward to buying couple sex toys India, the app-control vibrator has to come on the list. It is a very advanced vibrator that runs through an app and Bluetooth. What’s magical about these adult toys in India is that it lets couples have fun from a far-off distance.

Top Features of an App Control Vibrator
  • Allows two users play at the same time
  • Quite portable
  • Operates via Bluetooth
  • It needs an app to run
  • Top Features of a Vibrating Panty
  • Stimulates the clitoris well
  • Soft on the vagina
  • Vibrates with safety
  • Turns on the wearer’s orgasmic power


Inflatable Love Doll

Adultvibes brings some realistic silicone inflatable dolls among the male adult toys in India. These sex toys for men are not just dolls but more like real sexy girls. Meet with these hot and happening girls, and you will know why these sex toys online in India are the best to unlock your sexual intentions.

Top Features of an Inflatable Love Doll
  • It can be inflated to an actual human size
  • Comprises a pure silicone body
  • Cuddly private parts
  • Realistic complexion


Sex Machine

There is no alternative to a sex machine for unending penetration. These are advanced woman sex toys that are designed to make women enjoy them to the core. Beginners are advised to give a slow start with this machine. Once accustomed, the rest of the sessions will be a roller coaster ride. The various types of sex machines among the female sex toys in India here at our adult toys store comprise fantastic mechanisms and pure satisfaction.

Top Features of a Sex Machine
  • Advanced gadget for eroticism
  • Easy play settings
  • Non-ending stroking
  • Perfect toy for female solos


Electro Sex Toy

Sex toys are fun when there is a bit of speed and a bit of electricity. The electro-sex toy is one such toy that keeps the user hooked to eroticism like anything. The ones accompanied by dildos are pretty effective, as women can enjoy taking unlimited strokes. An electro-sex toy is one of the most high-demanding adult toys in India for females.

Top Features of an Electro Sex Toy
  • Amazing for female solos
  • Delivers electrical impulses with safety
  • Easy settings and controls
  • Sensational technology


Cock Ring

All a man wants in bed is a timely erection leading to a satisfactory climax. The cock ring is just magical for giving men an erection in bed. These male sex toys are small rings that can be worn around the penis. When you wear it, you will feel a penile sensation that leads to a quicker erection.

Top Features of a Cock Ring
  • Easy to wear
  • It takes no time to harden the penis
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Doesn’t hurt the penis


Final Words

Adultvibes will be happy to serve you with the best sex toys in India. No matter where you are, we will help you buy sex toys online in India with a few clicks. Just let us know what you want, and the product will reach you in 2 to 3 working days.

Don’t worry about our safety, as we assure you to keep your payment modes safe and transparent. Whether you pay through cash on delivery, debit/credit card, or UPI, we welcome all such payment modes.

Talk to or ask us anything, whether it’s about a product, service, or any other aspect. Let’s help you reframe your sex life!