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Girls Sexual Product | Buy Adult Sex Tools for Women in India

Excitement for girls will go boundless as our online adult toy shop brings on a splendid variety of accessories for girls. One who is looking for the best sex toy for female orgasm will find nipple vibrators, vibrating panties, and steel rings. Besides, women who are unhappy with their breast size can shop for unique sex tools for women like the Breast Enlargement Machine. If women are want to increase pussy size then they can order Pussy Pump. Adultvibes is the best destination for all types of women sexual products in India at affordable prices.


The Best Sexual Needs for Women are Here

We Bring the Most Essential Sex tools for women

If you ask a woman whether she likes doing sex, she would rather reply, “I love doing it because I need it”. Well, it’s an undeniable fact that many women demand sex more than just taking pleasure. For some, it has to be daily while some stay okay with twice or thrice a week.

In respect to this observation, we here at Adultvibes thought of bringing the neediest sex toys for Female. In other words, the toys which we have added to this subcategory speak more of making their private organs work towards bringing an urge for an active sexual counter.

According to experts, girls pick up sex toys to experience diverse sensations on their genitals. Of course, those sensations can never come easily through the human hands. So, here sex toys play the master stroke and give women their desired satisfaction.


Shop for Neediest Toys for Girls from Adultvibes

Adultvibes has unlocked some seriously unique and top quality sex accessories for women. These are not just accessories but rather beneficial objects to change a woman’s sex life.

It is so easy for everyone to shop for accessories for women from Adultvibes. You don’t need to step out and meet anyone. Sit back in the comfort of your bedroom with your partner and place an order; it’s so simple.

Visit our store and go to the ‘For Her’ category where you will find our list of ‘Accessories for Her’. Just click on the type of accessory you wish to order and proceed towards shopping accordingly.

Have a quick look at some of the Sex tools for women

Pussy Pump

If you had never known what clitoral pleasure is, use a pussy pump now. Our pussy pumps are quite efficient in thickening the vaginal walls. Moreover, these pumps use suction and this leads to intense sensations. If you are planning to shop for a pussy pump, go for the Portable 3 in 1 Miniature Clitoris Sucker. It works brilliantly!!


Artificial Hymen

Gone are the days when women feared that their man might catch them for their lost virginity. Thank god the artificial hymen is here! Just wear it and the onlooker will take it for real. It would even ooze out blood, which is of course a fake one. So, the artificial hymen we have will play a key role in making women hide their lost virginity.


GoGirl Urinate Device

Another superb accessory for girls is the GoGirl urinate device. It is a very functional product for girls who wish to maintain hygiene and avoid accessing those public toilets. Moreover, it is so easy to wear it inside the underwear. So, the device stays concealed and one can easily pee within. The best thing about the GoGirl Urinate Device is that it can be reused.


Breast Enlargement Machine

Women can now get rid of those artificial breast uplifting pills and adopt a safer way to look hotter and more attractive. These breast enhancement machines are very easy to use and do not hurt or affect the sensitive organs. The Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump and the Baile Breast Enhancer Massager Vacuum Pump are our strongest recommendations.


Breast Enlargement Cream

The sensitive skin of the female breast would now stay safe and soothing with the breast enlargement creams we have. Most importantly, these creams are quite helpful in giving women bouncy and supple breasts which every woman desires to have. So, why not try the Kiss Beauty Breast Enlarging Cream and the Touch Me Breast Enlarging Cream for better results?


Moon Period Cup

Being a 100% FDA product and made of medical standard silicone, a moon period cup is a perfect alternative to pricey sanitary pads. Being flexible, it gives rise to a gentle seal on inserting into the vaginal walls. As a result, it holds the flow and preserves it safely. With a capacity of 30ml liquid, it allows the user to wear up to twelve hours at a stretch. Go for our Feminine Hygiene Silicone Menstrual Moon Period Cup and enjoy the moment.


Final Words

We hope that girls would be able to bring a huge change in their sex life. Adultvibes will be pleased to bring all such Sex tools for women at your doorstep.

In case you need to solve any query, feel free to call or WhatsApp us on +91 9681150748. 

You can also email us at

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The Breast Trigger Double Enlargement Pump makes use of the UHF negative pressure pulse meant for breast enhancement technology. This technology is used in the medical profession for growing damaged organs, which includes new body growth after surgical resection. The fat cells in the breast will rapidly divide and grow after the 7200/second high-frequency oscillatory wave. At the same time, this negative pressure will help the grown breast fat cells fill the gap and make the breasts stay upright. Moreover, it plays a key role in prevention of breast cancer.


Menstrual Cup is made of 100% FDA & medical standard silicone and can be reused with time. It is a revolutionary product for ladies who can use it instead of spending on sanitary pads. Moreover, it is flexible and forms a gentle seal with your vaginal walls when inserted. This helps to preserve and collect your flow. The user can then pour the liquid down the loo and give the cup a quick clean before reusing it. The menstrual cup holds 30ml of liquid, which is three times more than tampons. In fact, you can wear it up to 12 hours in a day without any hassle.


Gogirl Pink Tube is an amazing alternative to visiting crowded and non-hygienic roadside bathrooms. It is a female urination device that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s not only neat but purely discreet and hygienic as well. What’s best is that it is very easy to use and fits easily in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment. It’s a must for travel and sports as well as for everyday use. Made with flexible, medical grade silicone, it is absolutely harmless for the skin. The user can always dispose it after use or clean and reuse.


If you intend to fake virginity without letting your man know about it, try this artificial hymen. It is suitable for the woman who with broken hymen put artificial hymen into the vagina. It will inflate when there will be warm secretion and thereafter will envelop the vagina. The penis breaks the layer, and the hemachrome with the secretion lay on the penis and vulvae. It looks like the really blood very much. The effect will be better if the woman pretend feel pain and shy. It is dark red translucence film that dissolves into the secretion and do not flyblow clothes.


Experience wild sensations and unlimited pleasure followed by severe orgasms using the Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-vibrator. The uniquely designed vagina sucker and clit pump is a great pick in the section of sex toys for women. The delicate cup rests over the vagina and the vacuum is created by compressing the pump. This leads to heavy orgasm and strong vibrations. The increased sensitivity initiated by the vacuum is just awesome. What also makes it stand out is its multi-speed vibration feature resulting in. intense sensations. For more fun, it is best to use with a superior quality lubricant.


Power Breast Enlargement Pump will now make your breasts bigger and better. It makes use of vacuum and increases the chest muscles so as to promote blood circulation and direct reflex movement. In this process, the pituitary gland is stimulated to balance the ovaries to produce estrogen and keep the tiny breasts become full upright in the short term. This power breast enlargement pump has been medically tested as the most effective product for girls. Now buy this Power Breast Enlargement Pump and look more attractive than before.


Function: Experience the best of clitoral stimulations with this 3in1 Miniature Clitoris Sucker that will offer a complete massage on your genitals.

Material: Made of ABS and TPE, this clitoris sucker is strong and durable.

Colour: Pink and Black

Size: NA

Special feature: Multi-speed vibration and Easy to clean

Battery: 3 AA batteries


Momo - The Perfect Breast Enhancer is a brilliant breast enhancement machine that comes with seven different vibrating modes. Having pliable as well as comfortable breast cups, it has a superior suction design. Having made of good quality materials, it becomes extremely soft and supple. Powered by four AAA batteries, this breast enhancement has an ability to run for long hours. Wash it before and after every time before use with liquid, antibacterial soap and water. The length of the breast massager is 95 mm while its diameter is 74 mm. For safety, make sure not to allow it make contact with water.


Function: Touch Me Breast Enlarging Cream will now nourish your small breasts, making them bigger and reducing their sagginess. Just apply this cream on your breasts and give them a new shape just what you always wanted.

Size: 100 ml

Colour: Pink tube

Special feature: Touch Me Breast Enlarging Cream sustains the shape of the breasts even after breast feeding and contains no side effects.


Ultra Strong Power Breast Enlargement Pump is an amazing device designed to extend the size of female breasts. Apart from developing the chest muscles, it would promote blood circulation and direct reflex movement to stimulate the pituitary gland to balance the ovaries and produce estrogen. It makes tiny breasts become full upright in the shortest possible time. It is medically recognized as the most effective principle of developing the breast in females. Having made of non-toxic polymer, it is high on safety and effectiveness as well. Get this Ultra Strong Power Breast Enlargement Pump online and start working on your external appearance.


Function: Now give your breast the desired shape and size with the Kiss Beauty Breast Lift Up and Firming Cream. What’s best about the cream is that it is extremely skin-friendly and works wonders on the breasts by making them grow bigger. On application of the cream, your breasts get a balanced shape and gradually achieve firmness. You can apply this cream every day after bath. Within a few weeks, you will start getting your desired results.

Capacity: 120 ml