Biz Partners

We can become Biz Partners either when you supply to us (Considering you are Manufactures/Distributor of Products that we can sale) or by becoming our Reseller.

Perspective Suppliers - In case you Deal in any of the Items we have on our website or similar products and Intimate Bath Items, Fragnances and other related products that you feel could be sold on our website , feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Adultvibes offers resellers a great deal to partner with us. We also have offers for our customers to become partners at ZERO cost .

You can simply drop us a mail at [email protected] regarding your business proposal and we will reply to you within 48 hours. You can also call us at +91 9681150748. You are requested to specify what category / categories of products you are interested to sell / promote from our site.

Resellers can promote / sell our products on their websites / stores or to their friends and family.

You can be our reseller in 2 ways:

1. Drop Shipping - You get an order for a particular item. You pay us and we directly ship it to your customer. You get a discount on each purchase. Quantum of discount varies as per mutually agreed terms. You can also sell higher than our selling price to earn more since sells at the lowest rates across India.

2. Inventory Based - You select products to sell and buy them from us. Depending on your purcahse amount and mix of items we provide a discount to you. A purchase below Rs. 10000 will not be considered a reseller purchase. Minimum discount can be 15% with maximum of 25%.

We do not provide any kind of credit based supply of goods. Payment must be made while placing order or receiving goods depending on terms agreed upon mutually. Products once sold will not be taken back.

So what do resellers have to do? It’s Easy:

1. You can recommend us to your friends and family and earn 10% commission through our affiliate program. Just inform us once your friends have purchased and either you can recieve the money via cheque or get discounts for future purchases.

2. You can buy on behalf of your customers and provide them the products and earn discounts. You can sell them at a premium as well for providing cash on delivery service.

3. You can further earn Rs. 500 for each delivery that you do to our customers in your city. We will send you the product and the delivery has to be made by you.

All these benefits come almost free. So register with us as partners by contacting us at – [email protected] or at +91 9681150748.

We also have discounts available to those who wish to buy in bulk from us to stock and sell. For further information you can contact us at - [email protected] or at +91 9681150748.