Sex Advice for better living


  • Sex Tip: Role-Play

    “I know it’s cheesy, but a boyfriend and I used to pretend I was Little Red Riding Hood and he was the Big Bad Wolf. It was so hot,” says Gina, 28. More ideas: You’re an actress desperate for a part in his big-budget film. Or, he’s the sexy stranger sitting next to you at the airport bar.

  • Sex Tip: Have a Totally Meaningless Hookup

    Forget living happily ever after. Sometimes a girl just needs a guy to get busy with. No small talk—heck, you don’t even have to exchange numbers. Just pick the hottest guy at the bar and have as much fun as you want.

  • Sex Tip: Book a Couples Massage

    There’s nothing like being naked in a dimly lit room and totally relaxed to set the stage for some sexy time. A couples massage is the best foreplay you ever spent disposable income on.

  • Sex Tip: Get It On in a Car

    In case you missed out in high school (when bedroom doors had to stay open), hooking up in a car can make you feel like a teenager again. Ask your guy to pull over into an empty parking lot, or challenge him to find the most deserted spot he can before you jump into the backseat together.

Here are 5 tips for getting down in your ride:

1. Dress the part.
If you can plan in advance, I recommend ditching the jeggings and going with something with a little more, um, access. It's spring, so pull out that skirt you've been dying to wear and leave those stockings in the drawer. I mean, just in case.

2. Cue the music.
What's hooking up in the car without a soundtrack? The right tunes are sometimes all you need to kick the mood into overdrive.

3. Choose your location wisely.
Unless you're an exhibitionist, I doubt you want people spying on you. Park in a semi-secluded spot, preferably NOT under a streetlamp. And if you have a lookout point in your neighborhood, you are the luckiest girl I know.

4. Take advantage of it’s moving parts.
If you don’t have a bench seat in the front (I assume you’re not driving your parents' old station wagon) then you may need to do some rearranging. Nearly every car out there can be maneuvered to make for more leg room. Although the back seat is famously the best spot for smooching, you can also slide the passenger seat way back and climb onto his lap—which is not so easy in the driver’s seat with the steering wheel and all. And whatever you do—watch out for that gear shift!

5. Bring protection.
You never know if you'll get carried away. It's always good to be prepared, so carry condoms or your birth control of choice in your bag. Also, tissues are never a bad idea if you need to do some "cleaning up" afterwards.

  • Sex Tip: Have Sex in a Taboo Place

    “Whether it’s in your old bedroom at your parents’ house or on your guy’s desk after office hours, pick a place that makes you feel extra naughty for doing it there,” says sex expert Lora Somoza.

Sex Tip: Have Middle-of-the-Night Sex

“When you wake up horny in the middle of the night to have sex and then go back to sleep, the next day it feels like a dream,”

  • Sex Tip: Have a Quickie

    Rush home during your lunch hour and have your man meet you. Get naked, get it on, get back to work. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll both be dying to return home and do it again at the end of the day.

  • Sex Tip: Bond Over Bondage

    What can some restraints or handcuffs do for your sex life? A lot, says Samoza. “Allowing your partner to enjoy your body while all you have to do is lie back and experience pleasure can be an incredible experience.” Not to mention that letting someone take complete control actually builds trust and can benefit your relationship.