The Condom Kama Sutra

Nearly 40 percent of you say sex feels better without a condom. Until now! We don't blame you for being skeptical, but trust Cosmo: rolling on a rubber can make serious sparks fly. Try these moves.

The Mouth Master
Get low, like you're about to give your partner oral sex, and roll the condom on using your hands, tracing your tongue down the back of his penis as you do.

The Slick Rick
Squeeze a couple of drops of a lubricant inside the condom. Just don't go overboard—too much lube can cause the condom to slip off. Our spies report that the sensation of the condom with lube inside is amazing.

The Breast Remedy
Put the condom on a quarter of the way (it should sheath just the tip). Lean over, position his penis between your breasts, then squeeze them together and use them to work the condom down over his shaft.

The Move With A View
Have you heard? Men are very visual creatures. Tap into that by applying the condom in a 69 position (with you on top). He can give you some oral pleasure while you work your magic down below.

The Footsie Roll
Place the condom securely on the tip with your hands, then lean back and balance on your fore arms. Place your feet on either side of his penis, and gently roll the condom down with your big toes.